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August 7, 2003
 Board News

Board News

Health plan for grad students approved
The Board of Regents has approved an increase in fees for graduate students. At its meeting July 24, the board approved an increase of $7 in the graduate students’ fee to include the Canadian Federation of Students membership fee for full or part-time students for the 2003 fall and winter semester, effective Sept. 1, 2003. The GSU held a referendum Feb. 18-20 in which students voted to approve joining the CFS and pay the increased fee.

At its July meeting, the board also approved a health and dental insurance plan for grad students. Full-time graduate students will pay $240.32 per year for drug and health insurance coverage, and $136.12 per year for dental coverage.

Grad students voted in November to approve the new dental and health coverage.

CCFI board appointments
In 2002, the Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation (CCFI) received $6 million from the Atlantic Innovation Fund to expand its responsibility to the entire Atlantic region. It therefore requires a board with representation from the entire region. Memorial’s president, Dr. Axel Meisen, has appointed the following directors to the CCFI board: Dave Bonnell, Bob Lucas, David Foster, Gabriel Gregory, Chris Frantsi, Derek Green, Karl Sullivan, susan Vathcer, Bruce Wareham, Shirley Roach, Frank Hennessey, Ray Andrews, Alexander Roche, Ross Butler, Will Apold and Gudmunder Hognasson.

Genesis directors
The president of the University, Dr. Axel Meisen, has recommended and the Board of Regents has approved the following members be reappointed to the board of directors of the Genesis Group Inc., starting July 1, 2004: Emad Rizkalla, Dr. Chris Loomis, Karl Sullivan, Vince Withers, Rick Gill, David King, Dr. Gary Gorman, Dr. Jim Wright, Dr. Mary Williams, Siobhan Coady, Dr. Penny Moody Corbett and Dr. Wild Nichols. The following people were appointed as new members: Trevor Adey, Keith Stoodley, Fred Cahill and Robert Drummond. Emad Rizkalla was appointed chairman of the board for a one-year term, starting July 1, 2003.

MI industry advisory committee
The board has approved the appointment of Bill Fleming to the Marine Institute Industry Advisory Committee. Mr. Fleming, Terra Nova Asset Manager with Petro-Canada, will serve a term from July 25, 2003, to Aug. 1, 2006.

Harlow Campus Trust
The Board of Regents at its meeting July 24 confirmed the appointments of the following nominees to the Harlow Campus Trust for a period of three years, starting July 30, 2003: Hi Honour Dr. Edward Roberts, Vincent Dunn and Michael Priestly.


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