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August 7, 2003
 Big Hair & Narrow Ties

Big Hair and Narrow Ties

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Some members of the faculty and staff of Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1962-1963

This photo of the Department of Physical Education is one of a collection of photographs of the faculty and staff of a number of the university’s departments taken during the 1962-1963 school year by Frank Kennedy, a photographer with the St. John’s Daily News. The photographs are part of the S. J. Carew Collection at the Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives and are now on display in the Arts and Administration second floor corridor. There are a few people that have not been identified. If you recognize these individuals and can supply names, please contact Linda White at or at 737-4349. The Gazette will publish the names in a subsequent issue. The Gazette of July 10 featured the staff of the library and included (front row, L-R) Olaug Synnevag, Margaret Williams, Ada Green Nemec, Flora Clark and Judith Butler Aldous. (Back, L-R) Phyllis Escott, Margie House, Ros Godfrey, Lorraine Ryan, Jean Carmichael, Ruth Garrett. The Gazette of July 24 featured the Department of Biology and included (front row, L-R) Eli Lear, Cater Andrews, Wilfred Templeman. (Back, L-R) Glenn Bartlett, Frederick A. Aldrich, L.A.W. Feltham, David Wright, Chester H. Rowe.


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