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August 7, 2003
 Alumni Notes & Quotes

Alumni Notes & Quotes

"Relax and be yourself and do the best job you can do, but be sure that you want to be a teacher. It’s very important to remember that you teach children–not subjects."

— Fred Douglas (BA ’76; B.Ed.’76) in an interview with Craig Jackson following his election as president of the NLTA.

"In contrast to today’s high school students we were very much more regimented and more likely to accept authority. I don’t think we were any the worse for it."

— Bob Benson (BA ’62) reflecting on the his 1950s schooldays in his weekly column in the Telegram.

"The road into [Paradise Elementary] ... is narrow, has no sidewalks and ends at the entrance to the school. Our children have to walk through [an unsupervised] playground in snow and navigate up and down high snowbanks during the winter months [to get to the crosswalk]. The crosswalk light activation switch is buried 80 per cent of the time during peak winter periods and children are not able to activate it. Paradise road is very busy … [and there is] no crosswalk guard program like in St. John’s. Do we have to wait for a student to be killed or injured [to get these issues addressed]?"

Suzanne Fudge (CBAD’93) in a letter to the editor, July 25, 2003

"Every story from every Holocaust survivor is different and every one is special. I draw strength from those stories and from the survivors I work with because they’ve actually been through all of this. It’s their memories; it’s their experiences… I’m learning about it… [so I can help others who are in the position to be] teaching those lessons of understanding one another so that such things don’t happen again."

Carson Phillips (BA ’84) on his career shift from PR for a Japanese cosmetics firm to his current job as a trainer for the Canadian Jewish Congress helping educators in Ontario find ways to incorporate and enrich the Holocaust components of their Grade 10 curriculum. Telegram, July 26

"In this province second-hand smoke kills 1,123 people a year. The tragedy is that these deaths are 100 per cent preventable."

— Susan King (BMS ’78; MD ’80) president of the NLMA in a letter to the editor, calling for a smoking ban.

"It’s the same reservoir formation. We’re just figuring out the extent of it. Hopefully it will confirm our science and show that we’ve got some more oil there [along the southern edge of the White Rose field]"

— Will Roach (B.Ed.’79, B.Sc.’79) East Coast General Manager for Husky Energy revealing Husky’s plan to drill a $30 million exploratory delineation hole near the current White Rose site.





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