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April 8, 2004



Recent publications by writers and editors at Memorial University


Flavour of Meat, Meat Products and Seafood
Edited by Fereidoon Shahidi

Phenolics in Food and Nutraceuticals
Edited by Fereidoon Shahidi and Marian Naczk

Food Factors in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Edited by Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi, Chi-Tang Ho, Shaw Watanabe and Toshihiko Osawa

Nutraceutical Beverages: Chemistry, Nutrition and Health Effects
Edited by Fereidoon Shahidi and Deepthi K. Weerasinghe

Quality of Fresh and Processed Foods
Fereidoon Shahidi, Arthur M. Spanier, Chi-Tang Ho and Terry Braggins

The Bantu Languages
By Dr. Derek Nurse and Gerard Philippson

The Die Is Cast
Gilbert McInnis

The I.R.A. at War, 1916-1923
by Dr. Peter Hart



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Dr.  David Natcher
Dr. Richard Rivkin
Jenine Browne
Dr. Robert Greenwood

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