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April 29, 2004
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New look for Gazette
Not-so-extreme makeover

The Gazette has a fresh new look for spring. Today, Memorial University’s premiere news source hit the streets with a new design and a new publication schedule. After soliciting the input of faculty, staff and students through a survey we conducted last year, we’ve decided the Gazette was due for its first major redesign in almost 10 years. The new look includes full colour on four pages and an easier to read text style and layout. The new look is also reflected in the Gazette’s fully searchable on-line version at

The change in publication schedule – going from 22 issues a year to 17 – made sense in light of the growing list of channels through which we let you know what’s happening at the university and what Memorial is doing in the community. These services include our e-mail bulletin Newsline, the Web portal, and our news and events Web site called MUN Today (

However, much of what the Gazette has been doing, readers told us to keep doing, and so we will. We will continue to run our research page feature, our calendar and our Student View column, among others.

One of the changes is the addition of our Insight feature in which we explore issues of the day with our experts in various fields. In today’s edition, geography professor Dr. Norm Catto examines the state of science surrounding global warming.

We’ve also changed our Flashback section, which peeks into Memorial’s past, by adding a photograph from the Gazette archives.

With MUN Today ( and the refreshed Gazette, there are multiple sources for readers interested in events taking place on Memorial's campuses or eager to read the latest university news or want more in-depth coverage of higher education issues and trends.

Hope you enjoy the new look.
David Sorensen, Editor


     Top Stories

Annika Haywood and Dr. Brian Stavely
Iceberg near the Ocean Science Centre
(L-R) Cynthia Caddigan and Deirdre Cooper

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