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(Sept. 5, 2002, Gazette)

Meet the Board
Memorial’s newest members of the
Board of Regents elected by alumni

Hayward Blake Hayward Blake
As a parent and educator, Hayward Blake feels that “university must continue to play a prominent role in this province.” A graduate of Memorial University, (B.Ed. M.Ed.) he is a past member of the Board of Regents who has his professional roots in education. Mr. Blake has been recognized with such prestigious awards as the Canadian Principal of the Year, and actively strives to better his community.
Leigh Borden Leigh Borden
“The chance to help Memorial excel” is how Leigh Borden, BA (Hons.), MA, describes her primary goal as a Board of Regents member. A former president and vice-president of Memorial University’s student union, she played an integral role in the realization of the university’s new student centre, and has been actively involved with student life at every level. Ms. Borden currently works in communications in Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation.
Lisa Browne Lisa Browne
Memorial University has been home to Lisa Browne, BA, MBA, both professionally and academically. She has worked diligently as operations manager of Memorial University’s Opportunity Fund, and as organizer of several alumni events in Toronto, toward the betterment of her alma mater. Currently, she is director of communications with the Peninsula’s Health Care Corporation.
Calvin Butt Calvin Butt
Calvin Butt has experienced Memorial University from every angle. As a student, (BA (Ed) BA, Grad. Dip. Ed. M.Ed.), instructor, member and former vice-chair of the Board of Regents, vice-president of the Alumni Association, and founding president of the Baccelieu Trail Alumni Chapter, he consistently “gives back to his alma mater.”
Earl Ludlow Earl Ludlow
With 25 years experience in the electric utility industry, Earl Ludlow, B.Eng., MBA, is vice-president of engineering and operations at Newfoundland Power Inc., and has served as a member of Memorial University’s Engineering and Applied Science Advisory Council. His diverse community and industry involvement furnish Mr. Ludlow with a strong sense of Memorial University’s unique place in the community.
Andrea Quinlan Andrea Quinlan
Commitment, leadership and vision are all words that can be used to describe Andrea Quinlan. A graduate of Memorial University and the University of Colorado, B. Comm. BA, M.Sc., she is chief operating officer of the Newfoundland Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation in St. John’s. She is a member of the Canadian College of Health Service Executives, and the Senior Administration and Leadership Teams.