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(Sept. 19, 2002, Gazette)

30 years ago
Tenders close for new Engineering Building
Sept. 1972
— Tenders close this month for construction of the new Engineering Building on the north campus. The structure will be in two sections with lecture rooms and laboratories requiring light services in front and the heavy labs, service shops and physical services located in rear. The total floor area will be about 250,000 square feet. The building will house the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and the Department of Geology.

25 years ago
International conference on port and ocean engineering
Sept. 1977
— About 300 participants are on campus this month for the fourth international conference on port and ocean engineering under arctic conditions. Experts from countries which are concerned or involved in coastal and ocean engineering in high latitude waters exchange experiences, present research papers and discuss matters of mutual interest. The conference chair is Dr. G. R. Peters, associate dean of engineering and applied science.

In other news, distinguished New Testament scholar Raymond E. Brown, Auburn Professor of Biblical Studies at Union Theological Seminary in New York, visits the university's Department of Religious Studies this month. During his visit, Professor Brown gives a public lecture titled How Can Christians be Faithful to the New Testament when its Authors Teach Different Things? He also gives lectures to students in religious studies courses, including a talk on the birth of Jesus.

20 years ago
Student enrolment up
Sept. 1982
— Student enrolment at Memorial this year increases by more than 11 per cent for first year students and almost 17 per cent for senior division students. Graduate student enrolment also increases by about 1,000 students, bringing the number up to about 7,500. The number of students registering for part-time on-campus courses also increases by about 16 per cent. In Corner Brook, enrolment increases by more than 26 per cent.

In other news, support increases for the former Memorial University extension magazine Decks Awash. Formerly free to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador, rising costs forced university president Dr. Leslie Harris to cease funding and the last issue appeared in February. By the end of this month about 4,000 subscriptions at $9 each reach the magazine's office. For the past 14 years, Decks Awash has provided information on aspects of life in the province, with emphasis on rural areas and resources.

15 years ago
Food science program expands
Sept. 1987
— Memorial's food science program is developing rapidly with construction of a new building, hiring of additional faculty and the appointment of a co-ordinator. The new building on Mount Scio Road is a pilot plant, and it is expected equipment will be available for winter semester and the first students. Kettles for cooking with steam, electric meat saws, an outsize mixer and a vaporizer are examples of the necessary equipment.

In other news, new icebreaking devices are being tested at the Institute for Marine Dynamics. Two graduate students in engineering are testing different modes of ice-breaking for ships and offshore structures. The devices being tested are an upward-acting icebreaker bow that shears ice, as opposed to the conventional downward-acting bow that crushes ice; and a downward-breaking conical collar for structures such as oil rigs that reduces the severity of the ice's assault on the rig's shaft.

10 years ago
Smoke-free policy for Memorial
Sept. 1992
— An institution-wide smoke-free policy comes into effect this month. The new policy applies to all buildings owned and operated by the university, including private offices, cafeterias and washrooms plus all university vehicles, tunnels and overhead walkways. Buildings not fully administered by the university, such as the Thomson Student Centre and student residences, are exempt from the policy.