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(Oct. 31, 2002, Gazette)

30 years ago
Social club opens
October 1972
– Members of faculty and staff at Memorial have organized a social club, which opens this month on a trial basis for the semester. The club, open to all full-time faculty and staff of 19 years of age and older, will use the Junior Common Room to provide food and bar services.

25 years ago
New graduate program
October 1977
– Memorial now offers a M.Sc. in computer science. This new program includes a thesis requirement as well as a graduate course requirement of at least four semester-length courses.

In other news, the new Department of Music now owns a John Broadwood and Sons Period Square Forteionio. This antique piano, dating from about 1808, is a gift from the personal instrument collection of Roy Mickleburgh of Bristol, England.

20 years ago
Theological training begins again
October 1982
– The re-institution of theological training at Queen's College is observed in a ceremony this month. Theological training was suspended in the early 1970s because of lack of candidates, but in March of this year the corporation for Queen's College applied for re-affiliation with Memorial and following university senate approval became once more established as an affiliated college. Currently 10 men and one woman are enrolled in training for the ministry.

15 years ago
Major scientific discovery
October 1987
– The first dinosaur bones ever found in the Canadian High Arctic have been discovered by a research team from Memorial's Centre for Earth Resources Research. The team worked this past summer on Bylot Island off the northern coast of Baffin Island. The remains of the giant creatures were found by a scientist whose work usually concentrates on microfossils. Dr. Elliott Burden and his party were collecting samples containing minute fossils of plant spores and pollen when they made their historic find of the hadrosaur, or duck-billed dinosaur.

In other news, the final contract awarding the Centre for Cold Ocean Resources Engineering with $5 million from the Offshore Development is signed this month by officials of the federal and provincial governments, Memorial University and C-CORE.

10 years ago
Enrolment up
October 1992
– The number of students enrolled at all campuses of the university increases this semester by nearly 1,000. This brings the number of students to 18,632 in all categories, with the largest increase in the part-time category.

At fall convocation, John Fraser, editor of Saturday Night magazine, and marine scientist Dr. Paul Henri LeBlond receive honorary degrees. More than 400 degrees, along with 40 diplomas and 31 certificates, are presented.

Five years ago
Voisey's Bay Nickel donates $1 million
October 1997
– Voisey's Bay Nickel Company has donated $1 million over a five-year period to Memorial University's Opportunity Fund. The funds will be directed to a new research chair to be located in the Department of Earth Sciences.

In other news, outstanding work in teaching and research at Memorial is recognized this month. The President's Award for Distinguished Teaching goes to Karyn Butler, Geography, and Dr. Joseph Cherwinski, History. The President’s Award for Outstanding Research goes to Dr. Brad de Young, Physics; Dr. Ray Gosine, Engineering and Applied Science; and Dr. Carolyn Hart, Music. University Research Professorships are awarded to Dr. Ian Jordaan, Engineering and Applied Science, and Dr. Roger White, Geography.