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(Oct. 31, 2002, Gazette)

"While this ruling doesn’t offer much new in terms of the state of the law, it’s a confirmation of what we have been operating with. If the ruling had gone the other way, it would have been a real kick in the butt."

— Barry Fleming (BA ’82), human rights lawyer, represented Gloria Sparkes who was alleging the BC government discriminated against children with autism by denying funding for an intensive early intervention treatment program. Telegram, Oct. 11.

"In fact, the lieutenant-governor is the CEO of the province, which means that the signature of the lieutenant-governor is required on almost every transaction."

— Lt.-Gov. Max House (MUC ‘47(MD ‘52(LLD ’99) reflecting on his role in Government House. Dr. House will pass the mantle on to Ed Roberts as he becomes the new lieutenant-governor on Nov. 1. Telegram Oct. 23.

"We had a rough start to the season and a bad end last season so this feels pretty good now. We’ve got one more game left against these (Vandals) guys in the Goodyear Cup and we’d really like to win that one."

— Brian E. Cooke (BPE ’99) fullback with the Swilers. The rugby team played at the Aliant Atlantic Premier Rugby League championship at Swilers Complex, on Saturday, Oct. 12. Telegram, Oct. 13

"But the other side of the coin is the not-all-too-subtle way in which breast cancer research is being used as part of a broader marketing campaign. It seems obvious that some companies really just want a new way to reach target customers – and getting through to their conscience is a good way to go."

— Martha Muzychka (BA. ’84, MA ’94) a writer and researcher living in St. John’s. In her column Social Notes, she questions the effectiveness of cause marketing as advocated by Breast Cancer Action, an American advocacy group. Telegram, Oct. 23.

"We believe we have a strong case to recover the enormous health-care costs associated with tobacco use."

— Kelvin L. Parsons (BA.’76 (Hons.), Newfoundland Justice minister, announces the next step in government’s plan to recover money from tobacco companies for health care. The Liberals promised in 1999 a tobacco reduction strategy, this article explains the fourth step taken to in this strategy. Telegram, Oct. 19.

"When this strike is over, we’re going to have a major bottleneck … I suspect people will be flooding in to their doctors’ offices."

—George C. Tilley (B.Comm. (Hons.) ’78, MBA ’88). Mr. Tilley is chief executive officer of the Health Care Corporation of St. John’s. Patient backlog is inevitable and officials are worried. Telegram, Oct. 12

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