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(Oct. 3, 2002, Gazette)

DR.VIT BUBENIK, Linguistics, organized the panel on South Asian Linguistics at the 17th European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, University of Heidelberg, Sept. 9-14. On Sept. 10 he presented a paper titled On the Evolution of the Old Indo-Aryan System of Adpositions from Proto-Indo-European.

DR. GERARD CURTIS, Art History, and CHRIS SHORT, Art Education, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, presented a paper titled ART SPACE: Creating an Irresponsible Cooperative Learning Environment, for the International Association for the Study of Co-operation in Education, the Co-operative College, and the United Kingdom Co-operative Learning Network conference Co-operative Learning and Responsible Citizenship in the 21st Century. The conference was held in Manchester, England, in June of 2002. The paper examined issues in co-operative and collaborative learning at the university level, particularly with regard to traditional, non-traditional, and radical artistic practices.

DR. PHILLIP McCANN, professor emeritus in Education, presented a paper titled The Impact of Globalization on Education in Canada, the USA and Britain, at the ninth International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning held in Beijing, China, July 16-20.

NOEL ROY, Economics, presented a paper titled A Stochastic Frontier Model of the Newfoundland Snow Crab Fishery to the 11th biennial conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, held at Wellington, New Zealand, on Aug. 19-22. The conference was on fisheries in the global economy. Dr. Roy's paper is posted at

DR. WILLIAM SCHIPPER, English, presented a paper titled The Geography of Church Dedications in Quebec to the annual meeting of the Trans-National Database of Saints' Cults held at the Max Planck Institut für Geschichte in Göttingen, Germany, on Sept. 18. He also gave an invited lecture titled Vinland and the Earthly Paradise to the Institute for Viking and Early Norse Middle Ages at the University of Oslo on Sept. 20. The lecture examined some commonly held opinions on the notion of Vinland, and proposes a new solution for the origin of the name.

DR. CHRISTOPHER KOVACS, Faculty of Medicine, presented a paper Altered Set-point for Calcium-stimulated Calcitonin Release in Calcium Sensing Receptor Gene-ablated Mice at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research meeting in San Antonio on Sept. 23; co-authors included Neva Fudge and Linda Chafe. He also gave an oral presentation of this paper, which was selected as the top-ranked paper and will receive the Antoni Nalecz Award, at the Canadian Society for Endocrinology and Metabolism meeting on Oct. 3.