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(Oct. 3, 2002, Gazette)

"I never really thought about getting married, to tell you the truth. And it’s also true that being single has probably helped my career. But I don’t regret not getting married … Sometimes I think about getting really old and being alone, but then again, most husbands die before their wives, so that’s no help."

— Nancy Riche (BE ’77, LLD ’95) reflecting on her career and her priorities since retiring to St. John’s after a life of leadership in the labour union movement. Telegram, Sept.22

"We’ve made a commitment and this government has always said a commitment made is a commitment kept."

— Oliver G. Langdon (BA(Ed.) ’71, BA ’79) municipal affairs minister, commenting on the province’s commitment to help clean up St. John’s harbour. Telegram, Sept. 20

"We are committed to the development of our properties and the corporation in an aggressive and business-like manner."

— John Crosbie, (honorary LLD ’99) chairman of Deer Lake Oil and Gas Ltd. Commenting on the company’s announcement that they would be offering the public an opportunity to buy shares in the corporation. Telegram, Sept. 17

"The last four or five miles were excruciating, but I said to myself ‘I’ve come this far; by God, I’m going all the way.’ I think I would have crawled to the finish line."

Glen Noel (BA ’87), St. John’s lawyer who ran in the Boston Marathon in April. Telegram, Sept. 14

"It’s very common apparently in other jurisdictions that if a candidate dies, they’re just deemed to be stricken from the ballot."

— St. John’s Mayor Andy Wells (BA ’66, B.Ed ‘69) commenting on the results of last year’s municipal election when the late Dorothy Wyatt was elected after her death forcing the city to hold a by-election on Nov. 27, 2001. Telegram Sept.23

"We estimate there’s somewhere in the vicinity of 4,000 patients (in total) that are seen in a run of a day in each of these general practitioner clinics. Our concern of course is that some or many of those may end up coming to our emergency departments for services."

— George Tilley (B. Comm. (Hons)’78, MBA ’88) chief executive officer with the Health Care Corporation, commenting on the imminent physicians strike on Monday, Sept. 30. Telegram, Sept. 26

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