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(Oct. 17, 2002, Gazette)

"If you’re teaching a new program, you’re not going to wait until midway through the school year or towards the end of the school year (for in-servicing). Students would not gain the maximum benefits from that."

— Bert Tulk (BA’76, B.Ed.’79, M.Ed.’84) assistant director of education for Avalon East School District commenting on teacher in-services and why they are necessary. Telegram, Oct. 9.

"It will be a gathering of the crème de la crème of Canadian talent, across the spectrum in terms of modes of performance and age."

— Susan Knight (B.Mus.’83, B.Mus.Ed. ’83), director, Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir announcing that the choir performed for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip on Oct. 10 in Toronto. Telegram, Oct. 7.

"Markets for high-end dimension stone products are growing internationally and new sources of dimension stone are increasingly being sought around the world each year."

— Kelvin Parsons, (BA(hons.)’76) Industry Minister of Newfoundland and Labrador, commenting on the rich potential of the dimension stone industry in the province. Telegram Oct. 2.

"Newfoundland and Labrador could be to the marine biotechnology what the Silicone Valley was to the advent of the information technology industry."

— Dave King, (B.Comm.’71) chair of Bio-East, a division of Memorial’s Genesis Group, commenting on the opportunity for the province to take a lead role as a centre for excellence in the emerging marine biotechnology sector. Atlantic Business, Oct. 2002.

"It’s the same person who gave the numbers to us, and who gave them to the doctors earlier … So, we’ll see if the NLMA is still saying that in a day or so."

— Premier Roger Grimes (B.Ed.’72, B.Sc.’72, M.Ed.’88) commenting on the assessment of the independent auditors review of government and physicians financial positions with regard to the current strike. Telegram Oct. 3.

"It could be that after Oct. 15, the (Robert) Peary and Cook relatives might have something to say about this book, but … the people have been dead so long and the relatives are used to having Cook and Peary written about."

— Wayne Johnston (BA ’79), after his latest novel The Navigator of New York was short-listed for the Giller prize. Telegram, Oct. 6

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