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Nov. 28, 2002, Gazette

q DR. VIT BUBENIK, University Research Professor, Linguistics, presented a paper titled Medieval Linguistic Areas, Vertical Contact and Language Change, at the Annual Conference of the North West Centre for Linguistics, University of Manchester, on Nov. 22.

q DR. IVAN EMKE, Grenfell College, presented a paper titled Convergence in the Classroom: Using Communications Technology to Build Human Capital and Community Capacity, at Rural Matters, a conference of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation, held in Miramichi, NB, Oct. 26-29.

q DR. JAMES P. FEEHAN, Economics, gave a presentation titled The Impact of Public Inputs on the Private Economy, during a two-day workshop dealing with the impacts of government spending. The workshop was organized by the Kansai Institute for Social and Economic Research, and was held at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.

q DR. CHRISTOPHER KOVACS, Faculty of Medicine, attended the Osteoporosis Excellence Conference in New York Nov. 15-18 and gave an oral presentation of a paper titled Mice Lacking Both PTH and PTHrP Have Novel Defects in Fetal Growth and Bone Mineralization. Co-authors included Linda Chafe and Neva Fudge (Medicine, MUN) and Dr. Nancy R. Manley (University of Georgia, Atlanta). He also gave two other written presentations, one titled Exploring the Normal Regulation of Fetal-Placental Calcium Metabolism Through the Use of Targeted Gene Ablation in Fetal Mice, and the other (co-authored with MUN medical student Christopher Sharpe), titled Bone Mineral Content Changes During Normal Pregnancy and Lactation in Mice: A Novel Model to Study New Approaches to Osteoporosis Treatments.

q MARELENE RAYNER-CANHAM, laboratory instructor in physics at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, was recently invited to give a presentation on the pioneer Canadian scientist, Harriet Brooks, at the Canadian Museum for Science and Technology, Ottawa. The occasion was the induction of Harriet Brooks into the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame. The contributions of Brooks to the study of radioactivity had been long forgotten until Marelene and Geoff Rayner-Canham found her name in an old compendium on the history of chemistry. Five years of historical research were needed to put together an account of her life and work, the culmination being the publication of a biography by McGill-Queen's University Press. It was as one of the only two experts on Brooks that Ms. Rayner-Canham was invited to Ottawa.

DR. FEREIDOON SHAHIDI, University Research Professor, Department of Biochemistry, was a keynote speaker at the Second International Seafood By-product Conference in Anchorage, Alaska, Nov. 10-13. The title of his presentation was Nutraceuticals and Bioactives from Seafood Byproducts. Dr. Shahidi also served as the organizer of the Third International Conference and Exhibition on Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods as well as the symposium on Specialty Lipids, San Diego, CA, Nov. 16-20. The latter meeting was attended by nearly 400 participants from over 25 countries.