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Nov. 28, 2002, Gazette

Students vote on fees, health plan
Undergraduate and graduate students held votes in November on two issues.

On Nov. 7-8, MUNSU held a referendum on a proposed $15 per semester union fee hike for full-time undergrads and a $6 per semester increase for part-time students.

The fee hike was rejected with the final tally at 961 votes for No and 867 for Yes. Less than 20 per cent of registered undergraduates voted.

The Graduate Students Union held a referendum on health and dental benefits on Nov. 18-19. Of the 287 ballots cast – representing approximately 16 per cent of the graduate student population – 91 per cent voted in favour of a drug and medical plan at a cost of $219.36 per year, and 92 per cent voted in favour of a dental plan at a cost of $126.36 per year. As well, 85 per cent voted in favour of indexed premium increases at the rate of inflation of student drug/medical and dental plans. The GSU is now working to implement these plans for January 2003.

Holiday hosting for intl. students
The holiday season is fast approaching, and a number of international students studying at Memorial cannot return home for the break. With the majority of MUN students away from the campus, the Christmas break can be long and lonely during a season that is meant to be festive. Many international students would enjoy the opportunity to visit a Canadian family’s home and to share a meal over the Christmas season. The International Student Advising Office is looking for volunteers interested in hosting an international student over the Christmas break.

If you’d like to volunteer, or if you’d like more information on the holiday meal program, please contact Jody Haines at the International Student Advising Office by e-mailing or leaving a message with the International Student Advising Office at 737-7991.

Rooms sought for Grenfell class
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College is currently compiling a list of accommodations for its fourth-year theatre class. Fourth-year theatre students are required to spend half of the winter semester in Harlow, and often have trouble finding accommodations upon their return. Therefore, the college is looking for about 10-12 households in the Corner Brook area who would have rooms available for about six weeks, from March 4 to roughly April 20, 2003. The list will be made available to the students, who will then contact the participating households. Students will provide payment for their lodgings. Terms and conditions of lodgings are to be agreed upon by prospective landlords and students. If you would like to support theatre students in their graduating year, please call the Grenfell College Housing Office at 637-6266.

New officers for alumni
At the Nov 15 meeting of the Alumni Association of Memorial University, executive members selected their officers for the next three years. They include Gary Peddle (B.Comm.’82, MBA ’85), president; Linda Inkpen (B.Sc.’69, B.Ed.’70, B. MSc.’72, MD ’74), vice-president; Michael Goodridge, (B.Comm. ’87), vice-president; and Paul Wilson (BA/B.Ed.’74, M.Ed.’76), past president.

Other members of the executive include Hayward Blake (B.Ed.’78, M.Ed.’84), Tom Bursey (B.Comm.’83, MBA ’84), Earl Ludlow (B.Eng.’80, MBA ’94), Bill Day (BA ’73, M. Ed. ’89), Ann-Marie Hann (BA ’81, MBA ’83), Andrea Quinlan (B.Comm.’93, BA ’00), Emad Rizkalla (B.Eng.’92) and Nath Sheppard (BA ’74, B.Ed.’74, M.Ed.’81).

Videos in the QE II Library
Most of the video tapes in the collections of the Queen Elizabeth II Library are to be found in the Media and Data Centre on Level 1. Because of financial restraints and a relatively low number of users on weekends and during the evenings, the centre is not staffed during those times. This means that video tapes and some other materials are not readily available for use during those times.

To alleviate this situation, it is possible in many cases to reserve a non-circulating video tape for access during evenings and weekends. Upon request, the staff from the Media and Data Centre will leave video tapes at the Circulation Desk in the Queen Elizabeth II Library that are on reserve or otherwise do not circulate. The video tapes may be picked up from Circulation, viewed on an accessible, easily operated VCR in the area of Media and Data Centre that is open at all the hours of the library, and then returned to Circulation.

In addition, there are many video tapes that circulate from the collection. Consult the Web pages of the MDC at for listings and policies regarding circulation of the video tapes. Generally speaking, videos circulate for one week with the exception of Shakespeare and Hughes Inquiry videos which do not circulate and Extension Services videos which circulate for two weeks. For additional information on this service, please contact Louise Piercey at 737-7472 or