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Nov. 28, 2002, Gazette

Among the 16 people selected for the 2002-03 Community Editorial Board of the Telegram were six alumni including Bruce Belbin (BA/B.Ed.’90, M.Ed.’00), manager Student Services, Memorial; Jill Bonnell (BA ’00, BBA ’02), graduate student; Harold Davis (CBAD ’92), financial advisor; Robyn Drodge (BA ’94), real estate; Linda Hart (BA ’91, B.Ed.’93), teacher; and Tracey O’Reilly (BA ’00, MA ’02), former president CSU. The Telegram, Nov. 10/02

"Let's put it in context. Here we are, a province of some 530,000 souls dispersed widely over a harsh geography, challenged by a cruel history, and now at an economic and political crossroads of change. We are the 10th province of a confederation of 30 million, and so the reality is we are not big, we are not the engine of the national economy, and we are not that important politically. If Canada were a corporation, we would be the mailroom."

— Bruce Belbin (BA B.Ed.'90, M.Ed.'00) writing in the Telegram Community Editorial, Nov. 11 regarding the Royal Commission on Confederation.

"Lianne is a player every coach wants. She’s very coachable and gives her best effort every game. At times when it was hard to get hyped up for games. Lianne was always there for her teammates."

— Walt Mavin (BA ’88) MUN soccer coach commenting on the naming of Seahawks’ second-year forward Lianne Locke to the AUS women’s soccer all-star team. The Telegram, Nov. 5/02

"I have seen so many horror stories of dealings with American [health] insurance companies that I am jaded. Stories like the day I had a lady crying on the phone because she had to purchase private medical insurance for her disabled child that was going to cost her $250 a month, or the gentleman whose insurance company had failed to pay his medical claims in a timely fashion and had been sent to a collection agency by a local hospital. The bill was for $20,000 and was going to ruin his credit rating for the rest of his life."

— Leland Ingram (BA ’96) who in his work deals with patrons of the American health care system responding in a Letter to the Editor to claims by a previous correspondent that the American medical system is to be preferred over the Canadian model. The Telegram, Nov.16/02

"If the management plan is implemented, it will lead to the total destruction of the Main River watershed as we know it and that’s a sad heritage to have to pass along to our children."

— Don Ivany (B.Sc.’86) Main River Coalition spokesperson on the occasion of Main River’s designation as a Canadian Heritage river. The Telegram Nov. 15/02