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Nov. 14, 2002, Gazette

"On Thursday evening, Nov. 14, five outstanding Memorial alumni, as selected by a committee of their peers, will be honoured at the Alumni Tribute Awards 2002: Celebrating Excellence, at the Marine Institute Campus of Memorial University. This week we are pleased to feature their words… their inspiration… their “quotes.”

"Education was important in my family. It started with my mother Enid Coveyduck who graduated as a teacher from Memorial College in 1929. She raised three boys and three girls and taught us from a very early age to value education. So it was only natural that we all went to Memorial."

—Eric Jerrett (Dip. Eng.’61) recipient of the Alumni Tribute Award for Lifetime Achievement

"If I could change one thing it would be to let people see what is possible in their lives no matter what their circumstances, because, out of that realization comes a feeling of empowerment that would completely transform the world."

—Heather (Shapter) Billou (BA ’89) the first recipient of the Alumni Horizon Award for alumni under the age of 35 years.

"Memorial University broadened my horizons, helped me to understand how much I was capable of, and prepared me for my life’s work as a teacher, student advocate and administrator."

—Dr. Wayne Ludlow (B.Sc.’62, B.Ed.’63, M.Ed.’69) recipient of the J. D. Eaton Award for outstanding volunteer service to Memorial University.

"Memorial was hugely important to my career. Dr. Ian Bowmer got me interested in infectious diseases. He encouraged me to make the most of a very wide-ranging and comprehensive experience. I could have studied elsewhere but it would have been a mistake in terms of my professional development."

—Dr. R. Bruce Aylward (B.Sc./MD ’85) recipient of the 2002 Alumni Tribute Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement.

"People have changed their attitude towards animals, they have changed their attitudes towards the earth. And that is important. But many are still intolerant of other people, or say it’s none of their concern because it doesn’t touch them. When I see people in need it stirs my soul and I have to go with it."

— Sara Sexton, Memorial College, recipient of the 2002 Alumni Tribute Award for Outstanding Community Service.

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