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May 22, 2003, Gazette

"If Canada is to maintain a vibrant economy, the economic action is taking place in your cities, in your urban areas, and that’s true whether it’s in Toronto, or Calgary, or in Newfoundland and Labrador. "

— Andy Wells [BA ’66; B.Ed. ‘69] mayor of St John’s, on the shortage of federal dollars available for cities. Telegram, April 26

After Thursday, May 29, Wayne Johnston (BA ’79) can sign his books Dr. Wayne J. That’s the day he kneels for the hood as a honorary doctor of letters from the University of New Brunswick.

"There aren’t too many problems that can’t be addressed by putting teachers in the classroom — where teachers should be."

—Wayne Lee [B.P.Ed.’75; B.Ed.’75; M.Ed.‘78] NLTA presidential candidate, speaking about the lack of resources to properly educate young people. Telegram, April 26

"Newfoundland is a funny place in some people’s view and that’s one more risk factor … whereas in the United States, that doesn’t exist. [Americans] just want a product that will solve their problem. They won’t get all caught up in how large your company is, or where you’re from."

—Trevor Adey, president of Consilient Technologies Corp. [B.Comm.‘91] on the differences in business dealings with our neighbours south of the border. Atlantic Business, April/May 2003

"While we understand the concern of residents of this province with respect to travel to areas where there are cases of SARS, there is no need for alarm. Our position remains the same — individuals should continue to use good personal hygiene practices when traveling."

— Dr. Faith Stratton [B.Med.Sc.’72; MD ‘74] province’s chief medical officer of health on the threat (or lack thereof) being posed by the contagious virus. Telegram, April 24

"One would think that the money spent on retraining should have diminished the impact of this announcement. If jobs were created in fish hatcheries and grow out farms, we may have had a viable industry by now."

— Biologist David Pinsent [B.Sc.’87; M.Sc.‘95] referring to the statistics that say fishermen have been losing great portions of their income, and that plants are closing. Telegram, April 28

"I am absolutely amazed when I look back at that time that I voluntarily submitted, without question, to this form of rigid discipline, with a healthy dose of spit and polish thrown in for good measure. Not only that, I enjoyed it. "

— Bob Benson [BA ‘62] on his days spent in the military. Telegram, April 27

Selected and written by Jillian Butler

Researched and compiled by Debbie Connors (