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May 1, 2003,

Motivated to teach
Dr. Michael Parmenter is the recipient of the sixth annual Motivational Teaching Award, announced by undergraduate and graduate students of Memorial’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics on April 9.

Dr. Parmenter is well known among mathematics students for his careful, involving style of lecture, and for his tireless devotion to encouraging student participation in various math competitions, be it on a local, national or international level.

The Motivational Teaching Award honours those faculty members in the department whose skill in the classroom, involvement in student life, and enthusiasm for the subject have contributed to the desire of students to pursue studies in mathematics and statistics. Nominations are solicited from the student body each year, and a committee comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students makes the final selection from the list of nominees.

For more on the award, including a list of past winners, see

The Past and the Public
The 13th Atlantic Canada Studies Conference will be hosted by Memorial University in St. John’s from May 2-4. The theme for this conference will be The Past and the Public.

The relationship between studies of the past and contemporary public life has always been a part of the scholarly tradition associated with Atlantic Canadian studies. For more than a quarter of a century, historical examinations of current political, economic and social issues have dominated the pages of Acadiensis, the flagship journal of Atlantic Canadian studies.

More recent work has focussed on the manner in which contemporary priorities often reinvent the past for present concerns. The growth of heritage and cultural “industries” has converted the past into a resource to be mined. At the same time, policy makers’ efforts to understand regional natural resource crises associated with ecological degradation, while ostensibly interdisciplinary, have been notable for their neglect of history. Such neglect is problematic; the study of the past may profoundly affect public policy.

As a theme, The Past and the Public may include, but is not limited to, public history, popular history, invented traditions and public commemoration, the relationship between history and public policy formation, history and public institutions, and the management of heritage resources.

For more, see or to register, contact Dr. Sean Cadigan at 737-3479 or

Seeking input on dean’s renewal
Dr. Grant Gardner’s term of appointment as associate dean of science (undergraduate studies and administration) expires in December 2003. Dr. Gardner has indicated that he wishes to be considered for another three-year term of office. In accordance with university policy, the dean of Science has initiated a review of Dr. Gardner’s performance in this position. Faculty members, staff and students within the Faculty of Science are invited to provide confidential written comments on Dr. Gardner’s performance as associate dean, and on the desirability of renewing his appointment. Please indicate in your written comments if you wish to meet with the review committee.

A job description for this position has been circulated to each department head in the Faculty of Science, and may be viewed in departmental general offices. Alternatively, a copy may be obtained from Mary Wall in the Office of the Dean of Science.

Comments should be sent to: Dr. Garry Quinlan, Chair of Review Committee, Associate Dean of Science (Undergraduate Studies and Administration), c/o Mary Wall, Office of the Dean of Science. Comments should be received not later than Friday, May 16.

Notice to pensioners
Enclosed with the recent publication of the Communicator were forms related to membership dues for the MUN Pensioners’ Association. If you have not already done so, the executive of MUNPA would appreciate these forms being returned as quickly as possible. If you did not receive these forms, please contact the MUN Pensioners’ Association at: Box. 206, Arts and Administration Bldg. A1C 5S7 or by sending an e-mail to

Newfoundlanders Away has been awarded Outstanding Achievement in Documentary at the Eye Lens Film Festival. The film is now viewable on the internet if you have real player. It was also first runner-up for the People's Choice Award. The film is located at this URL Newfoundlanders Away by T.A. Loeffler, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Victor Oakes, Richard Wilson, Chris Fraser, is a documentary that examines the tenaciousness of this unique Canadian culture through the lives of five Newfoundlanders who have chosen to re-locate. Through interviews, music and stunning visual footage, this colourful film answers that yes, culture survives without any question, even 7,500 km from home.