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March 6, 2003, Gazette

Among the 51 Canadians presented with the insignia of membership in the order of Canada by Governor General Adrienne Clarkson on Feb. 21 was Penelope Rowe (Cert.Bus.Admin.'91), CEO of the Community Services Council.

"The Faculty of Business Administration is a tremendous asset to Newfoundland and Labrador and Dr. Stewart's new position will help students and business people access international marketing expertise."

— Mark Dobbin (B. Comm.’81; MBA ’83) CEO of the St. John's-based Vector Aerospace Corp. commenting on the appointment of faculty member David Stewart to the newly created Vector Aerospace Chair in Irish Business Studies at Memorial. The Telegram, Saturday, Feb. 15.

Paul Dicks (BA Hons. '73 B.Ed. '73) now has a seat with his name on it at the table for the board of directors of the Bank of Canada.

"It is an opportunity to educate young people about the tragedies of the sea and also to remember five of our graduates who went down with the Ocean Ranger on that day."

— Tom McGrath (BA '81; B.Ed.'81; M.Ed.'94) principal, Gonzaga High School, in an address following a memorial service Feb. 13, for the 84 men killed in the Ocean Ranger disaster.

Bruce C. Grant (BA '77) was recently elected as chair of the board of governors of Scouts Canada. And he’s prepared for it.

"For me it's crystal clear that any society that invests in its people by giving them maximum educational facilities is better off. The individual has a better chance; the communities they're in are more likely to prosper; the regions and the province is more likely to be better off; and the whole country will benefit."

— Premier Roger Grimes (B.Ed.'72; B.Sc.'72; M.Ed.'88) as part of a speech to the Deer Lake Chamber of Commerce. Feb. 13.

Danny Williams (BA '69) is one of three people inducted in to the Junior Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador Hall of Fame on Thursday. Feb 19.

"I would be the first to stand up and fight against river privatization in this province. But that's not the real battle. The battle lies here at home, where our own people rape the resource. It’s time many people stopped using the Americans as scapegoats and started dealing with our own problems."

— Brian Saint (B.Comm.'93; MBA '01) in a letter to the editor supporting community watershed management and related efforts to impose license fees to fund increased enforcement efforts on the Gander River.

Researched and compiled by Debbie Connors (