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March 20, 2003, Gazette

"Ah, bother."

— Dr. Grace Sparkes (BA ’65; LLD ’92). A frequent comment made just about any time the situation demanded it.

Among the distinguished list of Women of Achievement named at the Cabot Club Dinner held to recognize outstanding provincial women of achievement were alumni Dr. Grace Sparkes (BA ’65; LLD ’92); Dr. Bernice Morgan (LLD ’98); Moya Cahill (B.Eng. ’83); and Dr. Janet Gardiner (LLD ’98).

"Before you jump to the conclusion I’m suggesting we go it on our own – let me assure you that nothing, nothing is further than the truth. I’m a very proud Canadian. However, I’m looking for a way to get into Confederation, to become a full-fledged partner in the growing economy."

—Dr. Craig L. Dobbin (LLD ’00), chairman and CEO of CHC Helicopters, in comments to the Telegram Feb. 26 following a speech to the Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association.

Karen McGrath (BSW ’75; MBA ’95) is the first Newfoundlander elected as national president of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Joanne Rose (BA ’69) was elected to the association’s national board.

"I’m not sure at all why we are doing this at this point. The site has been purchased with a specific intent by Loblaws of building a large-box supermarket, and they have no intention of allowing it to be put to any other use."

— Councilor Shannie Duff (BA ’75) commenting on the action by St. John’s City Council to approve the terms of reference for a study into alternative uses for the former Memorial Stadium. The cost of the study will be paid by Loblaws. Telegram, March 4.

Doug Partridge (B.Ed.’94) has been named Canadian Universities Coach of the Year after leading the Sea~Hawks to an 18-2 record and the AUS conference title for the fourth time in 11 years as coach. Yeaaaahhhh Sea~Hawks!

"We believe – and it’s been shown in the U.S. – that the regional operator can be the most effective and the lowest cost in operating those airplanes. And that’s where we want to have the Jazz operation."

— Jazz President Joe Randell (MBA ’85) as he pitches Jazz Airline’s initiative to triple the number of their fleet by persuading Air Canada and its pilots to transfer their 50-seat jets to the regional airline. Globe and Mail, Feb. 25

Selected and written by Wade Kearley

Researched and compiled by Debbie Connors (