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June 26, 2003
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A big thank you

(L-R): Tony Dearness, Carol Boland, Dr. Axel Meisen and Dr. Chung Won Cho.

Photo by HSIMS

Close to 100 faculty, staff, and pensioners and 95 students braved the heat and the flying ants on June 19 to attend the first annual Faculty, Staff and Pensioners Barbecue hosted by Dr. Axel Meisen. In a brief address Memorial’s president thanked all those who donated to Memorial in the past year and said that through one-time gifts and payroll deductions, 595 faculty, staff and pensioners gave $178,000 to Memorial and pledged an additional $194,065 helping to support 1,456 undergraduate students through scholarships with a total value of $2 million; create 23 additional scholarships; purchase teaching equipment; fund research; and assist in building improvements. Here Dr. Meisen chats with donors (left) business administration faculty member Tony Dearness, Human Resources staff member Carol Boland, and (right) pensioner and professor emeritus with the department of physics and physical oceanography, Dr. Chung Won Cho.


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