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June 26, 2003
Alumni Notes & Quotes

Alumni Notes & Quotes

He’s not wasting any time out there in the private sector. Memorial’s own Wayne Thistle (B.Ed.’68; B.Sc.’68; MA ’71), former vice-president (administration and finance), is the newest Counsel at McInnes Cooper’s St. John’s law office.

"For the 2000 tax year, the provincial tax rate was 62 per cent of the federal income tax, plus a six per cent surtax which cold possibly be zero dollars. For the 2002 tax year it has soared to 74 per cent of the federal tax."

— Hilda Murray (BA(Ed)’54; BA ’66; MA ’72) in a letter to the editor praising the column by Telegram editor Russell Wangersky on apparent increases in provincial income tax. Telegram, May 14.

"[Russell] Wangersky’s comparison of provincial tax payable as a percentage of federal tax is no longer valid. The provincial and personal income tax is lower in 2001 and 2002 than in the two previous tax years. However due to aggressive reductions in federal tax for 2001, on a proportionate basis, the federal tax decreased more than the provincial tax. This does not mean that provincial taxes have increased one penny."

— Joan Marie Aylward (BN ’82) minister of finance and president of Treasury Board, in a letter to the editor responding to a column in the Telegram on apparent increases in provincial income tax. Telegram, May 11.

Fred Douglas (BA ’76; B.Ed.’76) was selected by his peers as president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association for the term 2003/05 effective Aug. 1.

"I had the agreement of all the provinces during the patriation process in the early 1980s for shared jurisdiction [of the fisheries resource offshore] and the federal government said no. The approach is wrong. Grimes should know this is not a Terms of Union issue. If this was a serious proposition the province would have prepared a detailed proposal and looked for allies."

— A. Brian Peckford, (BA(Ed)’66; LLD ’86), former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, in a letter to the editor on what he says is poor timing on the part of Premier Roger Grimes to call for joint management just a few months prior to a provincial election. Telegram, May 13.

Kathleen Murphy (D.Voc.Ed.’02) has received the 2003 St. John’s Board of Trade – Transportation Club Transportation Person of the Year – Award of Excellence.

"I think we have one of if not the strongest management teams in Canada. What we’re trying to do is focus on a growth market while ensuring at the same time that our core business is looked after. My main focus as CEO is to grow the company, not operate the company."

— Brendan Paddick (B.Comm.’86; MBA ’94), president of Persona Communications, responding to accusations by shareholders that his proposed sale of Persona’s Canadian Assets is a mistake. Telegram, June 13.

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