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June 12, 2003, Gazette

Dorothy Robbins (BA’68, BSW ’85, MSW ’91) was honoured by the YMCA-YWCA in St. John’s in June. She was named one of four Woman of Distinction for 2003 for her tireless dedication to improving the lives of women in this province.

"My bigger concern is ironically the value of the Canadian dollar. For consumers the increase in the value of the dollar is always welcomed. But when you look at the impact on the exporting market, it can have a devastating impact."

— Industry Minister Judy Foote (BA ’74, B.Ed.’83) commenting on potential negative effects of the rising value of the Canadian Dollar compared with the U.S. currency. Telegram, May 27

Five memorial alumni were singled out by Prime Minister Jean Chretien for special recognition and presented with the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. They included Margo Connors (BA ’79, M.Ed.’95); Donna Harvey (BA [Ed.]’85); Robert Riche (B.Ed.’85, B.Sc.’85, M.Ed.’01); Alexander Bruce Stagg (BA ’74, B.Ed.’74); and Lucy Warren (BA ’87, B.Ed.’89)

"Tordon 101 or agent white … was developed as nerve agents in the early 1900s and are known for their neurotoxic properties in addition to their ability to affect cellular structure. Based on what my findings are, I recommend to council that we refuse permission to conduct this spray program within the boundaries of our municipality."

— St. Anthony Mayor Ernest Simms (BA ’87, B.Ed.’87) on the notification from Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro of its plans to conduct a herbicidal spray program that includes areas within the municipal boundaries of St. Anthony. Telegram, June 2

"My daughter just turned two and at the rate we’re going she’ll be 60 by the time we have pay equity in this province. Right now women make 64 cents for every dollar that men make. Closing the gap is crucial but to do that we have to intensify our fight … [to close the gender gap by pressuring government to] give women a raise, create a minimum wage that’s a living wage, increase unionization, reduce tuition fees, increase access to affordable child care, improve our health care system, and improve the EI program."

— Lana Payne (BA ’86) representing the Fish Food and Allied Workers Union speaking at a conference on women’s rights. May 23

"People just don’t stay in the province anymore. They leave shortly after they finish [Medical School] and get out into other areas where they can pay off their high debt load quickly and have a better lifestyle and working conditions"

— Susan King (B.M.Sc.’78, MD ’80) newly elected president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association speaking after assuming the role as president of the NLMA at the organizations AGM. Telegram, June 2

Researched and compiled by Debbie Connors (