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July 24, 2003


In a short time, about 30 graduate students and four faculty from around the world will descend on Memorial for the AARMS (Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences) summer school program. Conceived, developed and run by Memorial’s Dr. Edgar Goodaire, this unique program is perhaps the only one of its kind in North America. Modelled on a similar program in Italy, the AARMS summer school is about to embark on its second annual session at Memorial.

While the primary objectives of the school are to bring together emerging and established researchers in the field of mathematics, Dr. Goodaire hopes that certain segments of the school will appeal to the wider community. More specifically, Dr. Robert Elliott of the University of Calgary will deliver a public lecture on financial mathematics that Dr. Goodaire anticipates will be well-attended not only by summer school attendees, but by members of the local business and academic communities as well. It will be held on Aug. 7 at 7 p.m., in the Arts and Administration building, room AA-1046. Titled Money Markets and Mathematics, this lecture is intended for the general public and something that Dr. Goodaire feels will be of interest and benefit to many.

Dr. Goodaire asserts that, while financial mathematics is not offered by many Canadian universities, it is a burgeoning field in business and industry.

“Financial mathematics is a popular area now; graduates in the field are hired by banks, brokerage firms, financial institutions, and so on.” Financial mathematics involves stock market trends and interest rates, so financial institutions often hire financial mathematicians for their research and development departments.

After the summer school session, there will also be a four day workshop from Aug. 17-20, that will be conducted by an international body of scholars, headed by Dr. Elliott. Ultimately, bringing mathematical experts together with those who are in need of their expertise bridges the gap between university and industry. “The workshop, sponsored in part by Aliant, will bring together experts in the field as well as graduate students. They can listen, collaborate, and exchange knowledge. Good things are happening here at Memorial, and we want to highlight that.”

As for the future of the AARMS summer school, Dr. Goodaire foresees one more year at Memorial, then he plans for it to move to another Atlantic Canadian university, as it is currently supported not only by Memorial, but by UNB and Dalhousie as well. Regardless, the success of the school thus far indicates that it will thrive even after it leaves Newfoundland and Labrador. “The work is extraordinary, amazingly exciting,” says Dr. Goodaire. “It is a great thing to be hosting.”




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