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July 24, 2003

MUN Today launches July 30
New source for news, events

There will finally be one-stop shopping for news and events at Memorial University. Memorial’s Division of University Relations will launch a new Web site for news and events next week. The site, dubbed MUN Today, will complement the Gazette in providing news and information on events at Memorial’s locations.

Launching Wednesday, July 30, the site will also replace Newsline, Memorial’s e-mail bulletin service, as the source for information about current events at the university. It will also feature news updated on a regular basis. Newsline will be reserved for important messages for the campus community, said Ivan Muzychka, manager of Memorial’s News Service.

“Newsline has been quite a success and has, over the last several years, helped us send a variety of messages directly to the campus community,” he said. “It’s an excellent service for urgent notices like snow closures and other matters of interest to employees. Newsline will continue to be used for those kinds of things, but we want to provide a more efficient, more comprehensive service to the campus, but Newsline – really only a simple e-mail message – has its limitations.

MUN Today will provide the campus community and the outside community with a central location, a central repository of information on what is happening at Memorial University, added Mr. Muzychka.

“People will be able to scan the Web site for upcoming events, something they have not been able to do with Newsline,” he said. “We hope to have news on there every day and our aim is to have a content-rich dynamic site.”

Another feature will allow anyone on the campus to post an event to the MUN Today site.

“These postings will be monitored, of course, before they are put on the site, but we hope that everything happening at MUN, whether it’s a music concert, a play or a lecture or seminar will show up on this new information channel,” said Mr. Muzychka. “We are going live with MUN Today on July 30 and we expect it to evolve – we’ll see what works and what doesn’t, but we are confident the basic principle, a central news and events location, is sound.

“There is a fundamental difference here between so called push and pull technologies, but we hope to balance the two for maximum benefit to our audiences. Newsline messages will be shorter and will be less frequent but the Web site will be there to keep people informed.”

The new site will be found at





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