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July 24, 2003


30 years ago
Broadening botany
Summer 1973
— The problems of Newfoundland plants are the special research area of newly-appointed biology faculty member Dr. Peter Scott. He is already planning a detailed survey of the vascular plants indigenous to the Placentia Bay area and to assess the effects of industrial pollutants on these plants.

25 years ago
Sod turning for library
Summer 1978
— A sod turning ceremony by Her Majesty the Queen is held in late July for the university's new library, appropriately named the Queen Elizabeth II Library. Planning for the new library has been underway for several years and the university has received generous support from students, faculty, staff and alumni towards construction. The provincial government has made a commitment to match the amount donated for construction.

In other news, it’s Northward Ho in August for five young musicians from the Department of Music. A student brass quintet under the musical director of Kjellrun Hestekin spends three weeks touring 20 communities in northern Newfoundland and Labrador as far north as Nain.

20 years ago
New arts degree
Summer 1983
— In co-operation with the Canadian Police College, Memorial has designed a program leading to the bachelor of arts degree (police studies) to be offered this fall. Open to serving police officers, the program consists of regular academic course work at Memorial complemented by specialized professional training at the Canadian Police College.

15 years ago
Oceans 2000
Summer 1988
— Oceans 2000 is Memorial’s bold new initiative for the development of ocean science at the university. It proposes the investment of about $850 million in government and private sector funding to position Newfoundland, the Atlantic region and Canada among world leaders in ocean studies and enterprise by the year 2000.

In other news, the documentary film The Last Chinese Laundry has earned the Division of Educational Technology the Award of Excellence from the Association for Medical Technology in Education in Canada. The 30-minute film, produced by Charlie Callanan and Fred Hollingshurst, documents the history of the Chinese people in Newfoundland from 1885 to the present.

10 years ago
Summer Shakespeare turns 10
Summer 1993
— MUN Drama's Summer Shakespeare is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with a production of As You Like It – a romantic extravaganza with spectacular period costumes, an enchanting original set, delightful music and songs and a large, multi-talented cast.

Five years ago
Astronauts touch down
Summer 1998
— Hundreds of children and adults crowded into the medical school’s main auditorium to meet the crew of the space orbiter Columbia. The excited youngsters peppered the astronauts with questions from “What did you do with your garbage?” to “Do you ever get scared?” The astronauts spent 16 days in space this spring on the STS-90 Neurolab mission in which 26 complex experiments in the life sciences were conducted to study the effects of microgravity on the brain and other parts of the nervous system.





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