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July 24, 2003
 Alumni Notes & Quotes

Alumni Notes & Quotes

"With the concept of same sex marriage, there is predictable outrage. Respectfully, that is fine for the believers of specific religions, but equality of a nation cannot be defined within the small borders of religious belief, especially if the interpretation is imposed upon the society as a whole."

— Bruce Belbin (BA’90; B.Ed.’90; M.Ed.’00) writing in his news column on the Ontario court decision in favour of legally permitting same-sex marriage. Telegram, July 2

On Friday, July 18, local director, producer, actor and writer Andy Jones (doctor of letters, Hon. ’00) accepted the ACTRA award for excellence in recognition of his contribution to the film industry in Newfoundland and Labrador and in Canada.

"We’re saying if you have a vision for [Vector Aerospace] come take control of the company the way you should — by buying it and implementing your vision. But don’t – as two significant competitors to Vector – attempt to get your representatives on our board and then effect change because that’s not looking after the other shareholders who are not part of your little group."

— Mark Dobbin (B.Comm.’81) challenging the business people behind the second take-over attempt in two months of St. John’s-based Vector, this one from a numbered Ontario company which has requested a special meeting to consider a new slate of directors for election. Telegram, July 8

When Heidi Windsor (B. Comm.’92) brought down the gavel to open the Rotary Club of St. John’s meeting on July third at the Fairmount Hotel, she became the first female president of the club in its 82-year history.

"The customer’s always right – most of the time."

— Brenda Sue Cole (B.Voc. Ed. ’03) in an interview on Beachy Cove Café and B&B which she co-owns with her husband. Telegram July 14

Brian Shortall (B.Ed.’69; M.Ed.’73) was one of only four educators from across Canada who received national recognition at the Canadian Teacher’s Federation’s annual general meeting in Fredericton, N.B.. He was recognized for his valuable contribution to education as a teacher and as an administrator.

"When I woke up Saturday morning past, I represented 8,000 teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador. When I went to bed that night I represented 240,000 teachers across Canada."

— Winston Carter (BA, B.Ed.’74; M.Ed.’82) commenting on his election as president of the Canadian Teacher’s Federation. Telegram, July 15





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