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July 10, 2003

Office of Student Recruitment gears up
International recruitment season


Sheila Devine
Photo by Chris Hammond
Sheila Devine

As September fast approaches the Office of Student Recruitment is hard at work preparing for the upcoming recruiting season. There is much to be done in presentation preparation, publication development, schedule arrangement, and the like. The Office of Student Recruitment recognizes the primary need to inform and support the needs of Memorial’s Newfoundland and Labrador market, said Sheila Devine, director, Student Recruitment. However, increased emphasis on the international market is becoming progressively more important.

“We will always be first and foremost responsible to the citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Ms. Devine. “Keeping this in mind, we also look to the international markets in creating a culturally-diverse study body and establishing Memorial as a quality internationally-recognized university, something which will be of benefit to all of our students.”

The Recruitment Plan states the international recruitment goal is specifically to increase the number of international students at Memorial to 1,200 over the next few years. In fall 2002 there were 420 international students enrolled at Memorial and the latest Undergraduate Application Summary Report indicates 190 more international applications for this fall.

“We are still aiming to reach our target number,” said Shona Perry-Maidment, Office of Student Recruitment. “Current factors such as SARS and the war in the Middle East makes our job a little more challenging, but working to provide prospective students and other agencies, whether internal or external, with as much information as possible about the university will help to ensure our increased successes.”

International recruiters have several key messages they consistently relay while visiting and presenting in the international market place. “We need to set ourselves apart from other Canadian universities recruiting in those areas,” said Ms. Perry-Maidment. “We do this by demonstrating the uniqueness of Memorial through highlighting aspects such as the value of our location and how it has a significant impact on the uniqueness of some of our programs. The cultural feel of Newfoundland, its friendly people, cleanliness and safety are also important factors.”

“We further point out that our programs are comprehensive in scope from undergraduate to graduate, and we offer good value for the money. Our tuition fees are quite competitive with other universities in Canada, and even more so than the U.S. and UK.”

Memorial’s primary international markets focus on the Middle East (specifically the Gulf States), China, India and some of the United States.

The Office of Student Recruitment boasts an internal support team which focuses on international recruitment. Members of this team are active in international travel and promoting Memorial in this marketplace, and working in conjunction with departments such as the International Student Advisors Office (ISA) to ensure that students who are interested in going to Memorial receive all the necessary information.

“We have to work to balance international with domestic recruitment,” said Ms. Devine. “We need to effectively place ourselves within our own communities. This will serve to strengthen our message that we are offering something special and unique here, and getting that across will encourage people to come join us for an educational adventure.”




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