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Jan. 9, 2003, Gazette

Dr. George Moskovits
Dr. George Moskovits, a retired faculty member from the Department of Biology, passed peacefully away at his residence on Monday, Dec. 9, aged 83 years. Left to mourn with loving memories his wife Lillian; his daughter Sarah (son-in-law Frank Cook) of Moncton, New Brunswick; his son Richard (daughter-in-law Rosalind) of Saltsprings, Nova Scotia; sister Gloria Moskovits of New York City and granddaughter Jessica Cook. In lieu of flowers donations in his memory may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or to a charity of one’s choice.

Umang Chirimar

Umang Chirimar

Umang Chirimar passed away on Dec. 12, 2002, in St. John's. Originally from Delhi, India, he joined Memorial University in winter semester 1997 and graduated with a computer science degree in fall 2000. He returned to Memorial in spring 2002 to complete his honours and pursue graduate studies in computer science. He leaves behind his sister and brother-in-law Ayesha and Dr. Adrian Fiech, his father and family in India, and friends all over the world. Academically, Umang was known to be extremely intelligent, a great mind. He was innovative and his friends in the program believed that he would revolutionize the software industry. He was a perfectionist, determined, devoted, ambitious, goal-orientated and knew exactly where he wanted to be in his career. Qualities such as being hardworking were balanced by his ability to always take time out to assist, inspire and motivate other students in the program. He strongly believed in living a life of dignity and honesty while trying to achieve something that would distinguish him from others, something that mattered. In essence, he dared to dream the impossible and believed that nothing was beyond his grasp while using his heart as a compass. Personally, Umang was very patriotic to his homeland and enjoyed the culture, entertainment, sports (cricket and badminton) and food of India. He fell in love with Newfoundland for its culture, people and the great outdoors (even the snow). Environmental issues, world affairs and politics were also areas of interest. In his spare time, he enjoyed reading books (Harry Potter being one of his favourites), surfing the Web, designing Web pages, listening to music, watching movies and chatting with his friends. The passion for diversity also flared a passion for travelling. His friend's mothers would describe him as being an "English Gentleman" because of his polite, cultured, compassionate, easy-going and hospitable/respectful nature. No matter who you were, Umang always valued you as a person and as a friend. He was generous and unselfish to those around him. I know that he would want his friends to continue to do what they are best at, to hold on to what is dear and of importance, to not just live life but make a difference in the world. The loss of a friend or family member cannot be expressed in words alone and he will be missed dearly by all that knew and loved him. No birth is an accident, no experience is without meaning, and no life is without value (Gery Zakav). Even after he is gone, he continues to teach the greatest lesson of all. Each day is a valuable gift from God, life is precious and short, and that we should not take it or each other for granted.

Jyoti Sharma, Nursing