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Jan. 9, 2003, Gazette

Dr. Lan Gien, Nursing, was awarded the national medal For the People Health by the Government of Vietnam in May 2002 at the National Conference on Primary Health Care and Nursing in Hai-Duong, Vietnam. On this occasion, the Dr. Do N. Phuong, the minister of Health, stated “This prestigious medal recognizes the remarkable achievements of Dr. Lan Gien in improving people's health. It honours those who have greatly contributed to the national health strategies, been highly successful in managing international projects, yielding obvious and measurable benefits. These outcomes have positive impact on people's health, garner the public trust and are highly valued by the Ministry of Health and health professionals in general.” In accepting the medal, Dr. Gien acknowledged the contributions of many organizations, individuals and team members in both countries (Vietnam and Canada) to achieving the beneficial outcomes.

Dr. Chet Jablonski, interim dean of Graduate Studies, at the annual general meeting of the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies (CAGS) was elected to the executive committee as a member-at-large for a one-year term, renewable.