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Jan. 9, 2003, Gazette

Leslie Galway (B.Comm.’80, MBA ’88), Dan Walker (B.Ed. ’89 PhD’97) and Peter Woodward (B.Comm.’81) are among 31 people appointed by federal Industry Minister Alan Rock to the Shipbuilding and Industrial Marine Advisory Committee to develop recommendations on policies and initiatives for developing a more competitive ship building and industrial marine sector in Canada.

"The interesting thing is that when you look at stories that are being run in travel journals and in magazines around the world, Newfoundland and Labrador is being referred to as ‘exotic.’ We find that rather amusing in one sense, for those of us who have lived here all our lives, but quite delightfully amusing because it’s a very appealing way to be recognized on the world stage."

— Julie Bettney (BPE ’80) provincial minister of tourism, at a press conference, Thursday, Dec. 12, commenting on the release of a marketing study on the provincial tourism industry.

Beverly Clark (BSW ’81) has been appointed as the chief executive officer for Health and Community Services — St. John’s Region, effective Jan. 5, 2003.

"The fish companies are entering into agreements with licence holders that require the fishermen to sign away the beneficial use of their licences … It is a very slippery slope. Once corporations get a hold on the inshore and midshore fishing licences there will be no turning back."

— Earl McCurdy (BA (Hons) ’72), president Fish, Food and Allied Workers union appearing before the House of Commons standing committee on fisheries and oceans to make his case for the protection of fish licences.

The Board of Directors of M&M Engineering and M&M Offshore Ltd. have seen the wisdom of Memorial alumni on staff. They recently appointed four engineers to senior positions within the company including John Brake (Dip. Eng.’61) chair and CEO; David Myers (B.Eng.’74) president; Geoff Wells (B.Eng.’91) vice-president M&M Engineering; and Terry King (B.Eng.’94) vice-president M&M Offshore.

"I’d really like to get involved with shared care. I want to use the skills of general practitioners, social workers and others to collaborate on a program of care. My goal is to get as many patients as possible to stay with their general practitioners and utilize my services on a consultative basis."

— Dr. Joan Kranenka (B.Sc.’87; B.M.Sc.’89; MD ’91) commenting on setting up a psychiatric practice in Stephenville. The Telegram, Dec. 13.

At their recent 2002 Business Excellence Awards, the St. John’s Board of Trade handed out achievement awards to successful local companies. Several Memorial alumni were on hand to accept the recognition. The Conpro Group took top honors at the ceremony including Growth in Domestic/Export Markets and the Business Excellence Award. Included on the executive of the company is vice president and corporate secretary Clar Dwyer (B.Comm.’66); Winner for Productivity and Quality Improvement was New World Fitness represented by president Elizabeth Coleman (B.Comm.’81); John Dicks (BA ’87) director of marketing for the Avalon Convention and Visitors Bureau accepted the Marketing and Promotional Achievement award on behalf of the bureau; Frank Fagan (BA ’79; MBA ’82), executive vice-president and COO of Aliant Telecom, was given the award for Business Person Volunteer of the year for 2002.

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