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Feb. 6, 2003, Gazette

Two of Memorial's graduates who have distinguished themselves in public life have been inducted into the Order of Canada. Shannie Duff (BA '75) and Dr. Phil Warren (B.Sc., BA (Ed)'56, LLD '98) were among 68 people inducted into the order and will receive their insignia later this year.

"The [Colonial] Building is one of the most important historical sites in our province, but it is more than just another historical site. It was designed and built to house the Parliament of Newfoundland. It was the site of the most important debates of our history. It was the seat of the Newfoundland Parliament even before Canada was a nation."

Dr. James McGrath (honorary LLD ’92) in a letter to the editor recommending that the Colonial Building “be returned to the jurisdiction of the House of Assembly” and used for “special committees of the House of Assembly” once the provincial archives is moved to The Rooms. Telegram, Jan. 27, 2003

Paul Thomey (BA '73), is the new president of the St. John's Board of Trade.

"This area has a lot going for it in terms of location on the province's transmission grid, its infrastructure, its geology, and its oil and gas potential. But before that can be realized we have to unravel the geological sequence of the Deer Lake Basis."

Cabot Martin (B.Sc.'65) chief executive officer, Deer Lake Oil and Gas Inc., speaking to the Deer Lake Chamber of Commerce in January on the activities of his company in the region over the last five years.

Although it was reported in the last issue of the Gazette, “Notes and Quotes” could not let Dr. William Keough's (BA, B.Ed. '96, PhD '02) Gutenberg-e Prize of the American Historical Association pass with out notice. Well done!

Lynette Galway (B.Comm.'02 Hons.) is the new employee benefits specialist for Great West Life's Newfoundland Resource Centre.

"So when I see Mr. Wells and Mr. Crosbie at it in the daily prints, I do not see spent warriors wasting their time [as described by legal observer Clayton Ruby]. I see, instead, the splendid inertia of two divergent temperaments, who whether they wish to admit it or not, have shared a career. It's Newfoundland Zen: All is one, finally."

Rex Murphy (BA '66, Hons. ) commenting in his column "Japes Of Wrath" on what he describes as a “set-to” in the national newspapers between the Dr. John Crosbie LLD ’99 and his “Meech Lake Nemesis” Supreme Court Justice the Dr. Clyde Wells (BA ’59, LLD ’96; 1990 alumnus of the year.). Globe and Mail, Jan. 18, 2003.

Researched and compiled by Debbie Connors