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Feb. 20, 2003, Gazette

New director for
School of Pharmacy

Dr. Linda Hensman
Photo by HSIMS
Dr. Linda Hensman

Dr. Linda Hensman has been appointed director of the School of Pharmacy by the Board of Regents. She has served as interim director since May 2002, when the previous director, Dr. Chris Loomis, was appointed vice-president (research and international relations) and for the year prior to that she was acting director.

During this time, Dr. Hensman has moved the School of Pharmacy towards resolution of shortcomings in the undergraduate pharmacy program, leading the redesign of the program to meet accreditation standards.

“We are moving to an education-outcomes based curriculum with evaluation strategies built into it,” she said.

Dr. Hensman said a thorough review has resulted in plans to implement a new curriculum. Students are currently admitted to a three-year pharmacy program after two years of university, but the new program will see four years of pharmacy studies following one year of general studies. The new curriculum will be implemented in fall 2004, leading to a double class that year. A revised admissions process that will see interviews incorporated as part of the evaluation will start in the coming academic year.

Dr. Hensman earned her B.Sc. Pharm. at the University of British Columbia and her Pharm.D. at State University of New York at Buffalo. In 1993 she completed a master of business administration at Memorial. She describes herself as a clinician rather than a basic scientist, with experience in hospital administration including planning director for the Planning Transfer Team, Health Care Corporation of St. John’s, from 1995-1998. As associate professor and associate director (pharmacy practice) with the School of Pharmacy, she had responsibility for the planning, development and organization of the pharmacy practice curriculum and experiential training programs.