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Dec. 12, 2002, Gazette

30 years ago
$150,000 for MUN
December 1972
– A grant valued at $150,000, payable in three equal annual installments, is made to Memorial’s Research Unit on Vector Pathology by the International Development Research Centre. Dr. Marshall Laird, professor of parasitology, says this money will be used for equipment purchases and the employment of a technician. The unit is also supported by a similar-size grant from the National Research Council of Canada.

In other news, Dr. Michael Kennedy, Geology, is named the first winner of the Young Scientist Award, presented by the Atlantic Provinces Inter-university Committee on the Sciences. Dr. Kennedy’s work has concentrated on a systematic study of the complexly deformed rocks of the central mobile belt of Newfoundland.

25 years ago
Four honorary degrees at fall convocation
December 1977
– Four honorary degrees are awarded this month at Memorial’s fall convocation. The recipients are: Dr. Max Baker, professor emeritus of engineering, Nova Scotia Technical College; Dr. Albert Sherwood Barber, who has made a significant contribution to the development of cooperative education at Memorial; Dr. William Anthony Paddon, director of northern medical services with the International Grenfell Association; and Dr. Gordon Waddell Thomas, executive director of the International Grenfell Association.

20 years ago
Aftermath of tunnel fire
December 1982
– In the aftermath of a Dec. 6 fire in the tunnels of Memorial, university personnel are busy with clean-up operations and assessment of damages. No one was injured in the fire, but the damaged area – tunnels between the Queen Elizabeth II Library and the entrance to the Chemistry-Physics Building – will be closed off until after the Christmas break. About 200 lockers were totally destroyed, 200 received heavy smoke and some fire damage and another 1,000 have additional heavy smoke damage. As the result of an investigation by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, a 17-year old university student has been charged with arson.

15 years ago
Medical notes to be more specific
December 1987
– The Senate adopts guidelines for the information to be included in medical notes written by physicians to document students’ illnesses. The new guidelines state that doctors’ notes in support of a student’s illness must be sufficiently specific to allow a proper consideration of the case: they must be on letterhead, signed by the physician, and include limited details on such items as the dates the student visited the doctor, the degree and the length of time the illness is likely to have affected the student’s ability to fulfill academic obligations, and the fitness of the student to resume studies.

10 years ago
Memorial on the small screen
December 1992
– Memorial will be featured prominently this holiday season on CBC-TV, including a documentary series profiling some of the work undertaken by staff, faculty, and students. The music of Memorial will be featured in five shows in the Music from MUN series. On Christmas Eve, Here We Come A-Caroling will air, featuring Memorial’s Chamber Choir.

In labour news, the university and its faculty union ratify a three-year deal that covers the 1,000 professors and librarians until March 1995. While the agreement does not include a salary increase, it does address the issue of salary anomalies arising from the previous collective agreement.

Five years ago
University salary info now public
December 1997
– In an effort to provide more information about the operations of Memorial, the university is releasing details relating to the salaries and compensation of its employees. For example, President Arthur May receives an annual salary of $185,000 with no bonuses, lump-sum payments or consulting fees.

In other news, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce donates $250,000 to Memorial’s Opportunity Fund. The gift is designated for the new University Centre, which will provide enhanced services and facilities for university students.