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April 10, 2003, Gazette

Sui Kwong Frankie She (BS ’76) was recently appointed to the position of senior vice-president in charge of Electronic Banking Services with Scotiabank.

"‘Ex paletto’ — I made this up now — ‘vita est’. That’s my Latin version of my motto: get out of bed and do something … I presume palet is ‘bed’, vita is ‘life’, est is ‘is’, so it might mean … out of bed, there’s life."

— Actor Andy Jones (LLD ’00), when asked if he had a personal motto. Telegram, March 16.

Noel Veitch (BAE ’59) is one of two Newfoundlanders set to receive the Governor General’s Caring Community Canadian Award. The award commemorates those individuals who devote their time and energy to the service of others.

"If there is no evacuation order in place for employees … then we are in a business-as-usual circumstance. So consequently, if somebody approaches and says that they wish to quit their job and return to Canada, then, in fact, they have breached their contract."

—Trent Keough, (BA ’86; MA ’88; PhD ’92) president of the College of the North Atlantic in Qatar, explaining the situation for CONA employees in Qatar. Telegram, March 19

William Lee (BA ’68; B.Ed. ’75; M.Ed. ’75) has been designated executive director of the Newfoundland and Labrador School Boards Association. In the past, Mr. Lee served as director of the school board.

"This move is not in the best interests of Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s a case of the federal government wanting to downgrade a service to this province, and another unfortunate example of our current place in Canada."

— St John’s Board of Trade President Paul Thomey (BA ’73) on the decision by the federal government to downsize the Gander weather office to a regional reporting centre, resulting in the loss of 15 jobs. Telegram, March 15.

Kevin Goulding (B.Ed. ’92) is the new general manager of Deer Lake Power, a division of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper, and has assumed full responsibility for the plant and on going operations.

"I am relieved that Canada, at least, has resisted the blustering and the unsubtle economic blackmail. That we in Canada have placed our allegiance to the UN above our connection with the US is a hopeful sign. "

— Edward Healy (BA ’77; B.Ed. ’77) in a letter to the editor. Telegram, March 22.

Selected and written by Jillian Butler

Researched and compiled by Debbie Connors (