(October 4, 2001, Gazette)

DR. WILLIAM SCHIPPER, English, presented a paper Aug. 1 titled Reading the Cross in Anglo-Saxon England: The Trinity College copy of Rabanus’s In honorem sanctae crucis, at the University of Durham, Durham, England. The paper was part of a symposium called Halig Rod/Sancta Crux: The Cross in Anglo-Saxon England.

DR. PETER POPE, Archaeology Unit, Department of Anthropology, presented a paper titled The Newfoundland Planter Fishery in the 17th Century, Sept. 13, to a meeting of the North Atlantic Fisheries History Association in Qaqortoq, Greenland.

DR. JERRY BANNISTER, a post-doctoral fellow funded by the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), presented a research paper at the Atlantic Canada Studies Workshop, held Aug. 24-26 at St. Francis Xavier University. Dr. Bannister’s paper was titled A Government Who Will Know You: The Origins and Development of Newfoundland Nationalism, represents the first segment of his postdoctoral project funded by ISER.

DR. PHILLIP McCANN, professor emeritus in the Faculty of Education, presented a paper on July 14 titled Global Village or Global City? The (Urban) Communications Revolution and Education, at the 23rd International Standing Conference on the History of Education held in Birmingham, England.

DR. GRAHAM SHORROCKS, English, gave a paper titled Bibliographical, Literary and Sociolinguistic Dimensions of an 18th-century Dialect Text: John Collier’s A View of the Lancashire Dialect, at the International Conference on the English Language in the Late Modern Period, 1700-1900, held at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He also gave an invited address on Newfoundland English to a special joint meeting of the six northern dialect societies.