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(October 18, 2001, Gazette)

DR. WILLIAM T. FAGAN, Faculty of Education, has presented the following papers: Transfer of Learning in Parent Focused Family Literacy Programs, at the annual convention of the International Reading Association, in New Orleans in May; Transfer of Learning in Family Literacy Programs: Focus on Parent Learning, at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Quebec City, in May; Development and Application of a Culture Based Adult Literacy Curriculum, at Sharing and Supporting Adult Literacy Resources/Adult Literacy Symposium, St. John’s, (with Bonnie James), in June; Family Literacy Programs: The Whole Is More than the Sum of its Parts, at the 12th European Conference on Reading, Dublin, Ireland, in July; Literacy in the Making, at the Northern Alberta Reading Specialists Council, Edmonton, AB, in August; Early Literacy: Bridge over Troubled Waters, the keynote talk at the Summer Early Literacy Symposium, Edmonton, AB, in August; also at this symposium, There Is More than One Way to Balance a Literacy Program, and Empowering Parents as Partners in Early Literacy Development; Early Literacy: Bridging Home/community and School, the keynote talk at the Summer Early Literacy Symposium, Calgary, AB, in August; also at this symposium, There’s More than One Horse to Back in Education; and Literacy: Health and Families, at the Health and Literacy Action Conference, St. John’s, NF, with Dorene Brown in September.

DR. GRAHAM WORRALL, Family Medicine, presented a paper titled Annual Functional Assessment of people aged 75+: Self-Efficacy, Care-Giver Burden and Outcomes, at the meeting of the North American Primary Care Research Group, Halifax, N.S., Oct. 15. Co-authors were: Dr. Roger Thomas, Family Medicine, Dr. Elizabeth Dow, Social Work and John Knight, Statistician, Avalon Health Care Institutions Board.

JOHN KNIGHT, Centre for Rural Health Studies (Family Medicine), presented a paper Does Annual Functional Assessement of Seniors Have an Effect?, at the Inter-RAI CaseMix Conference, Niagara on the Lake, ON, Oct. 28. Co-authors were Dr. Graham Worrall and Theresa Kerrivan, Centre for Rural Health Studies.

DR. GRAHAM SHORROCKS, English, attended the Celtic Englishes III/Englisch in den keltischen Ländern III: International Colloquium on the Celtic Englishes, held at the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Potsdam, Germany, where he appeared as a guest speaker and gave a paper titled Pulmonic Ingressive Speech in Newfoundland English: A Case of Irish-English Influence?