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(November 29, 2001, Gazette)

DR. SANDRA KROMM, English, recently had an article titled Two Faces of Horror: The Quest for Truth in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano, appear in L’Époque Conradienne, published by the Societé Conradienne Française.
Dr. Kromm also attended BioContact Quebec in Quebec City from
Oct. 10-12

DR. WAYNE NESBIT, Education, presented a paper titled Gifted Learners as Victims of Bullying, at the Society for the Advancement of Gifted Education 12th annual conference in Edmonton, Alberta, in October. The presentation was a research extension from Dr. Nesbit’s 1999 publication, Black Eyes and Bruised: A Portrait of School Bullying.

DR. CHRISTOPHER KOVACS, Medicine, has published a paper titled Calcitropic Gene Expression in Murine Placenta Suggests a Role for the Intraplacental Yolk Sac in Maternal-fetal Calcium Exchange, online by the American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism at: This is an in-press pre-print; the formal paper publication in the print journal will take place in early 2002. Co-authors on the paper include Linda L. Chafe, Neva J. Fudge, Mandy L. Woodland, Kirsten R. McDonald (Medicine, MUN) and Peter J. Wookey (University of Melbourne, Australia).

LYNDA YOUNGHUSBAND, Education, presented a poster titled Teacher Stress: A Health Issue in the Workplace, at the first national symposium of The Canadian Association for Research on Work and Health in Toronto on Nov. 18.

DR. MATTHEW WHITE, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, made five presentations in Wollongong, Australia, from Sept. 2-6, 2001, at the 2001 International Union of Physiological Sciences Thermal Physiology Symposium. With A. Sancheti, Human Minute Ventilation Responses to Carbon Dioxide Levels Prior to and Following an Exercise Induced Hyperthermia; with G. P. Kenny and F. Haman, Comparison of Core Temperature Thresholds for Ventilation to a Point of Increased Blood Lactate Accumulation During Incremental Exercise in Humans; with G. P. Kenny, M. Cabanac, A. Sancheti, A. M. Hall and D. M. Vardy, Rate Sensitivity of Tympanic Temperature Thresholds for Ventilation During Exercise-induced Body Warming in Human; with G. P. Kenny and F. Haman, Comparison of Core Temperature Thresholds for Ventilation to Ventilation Thresholds 1 and 2 During Incremental Exercise in Humans; and with Z. Mariak, T. Lyson and J. Lewko, the Effect of Face Fanning on Continuously Measured Brain and Extracranial Temperatures in Humans. All were published in the Proceedings of the Australian Physiological and Pharmacological Society, International Union of Physiological Sciences Thermal Physiology Symposium.