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(November 15 , 2001, Gazette)

Input sought on rec complex
What kind of programs and activities would you like to see offered in the new Memorial University Recreation Complex? Program planning is underway and your input is being sought.

Please go on-line to see some of the plans and ideas that are being developed and take a moment to let us know what you would like to see offered.

The Web site can be reached by clicking on the button on the bottom of the university’s home page, or at When you get there, click on the Feedback/Suggestions button.

Or you can contact Kathie Saunders at Student Affairs and Services, 737-2659 or e-mail

All-Canadian honours for MUN athletes
Anne Barrington, Tevin Oliver-Job, Sarah Arnott – these are the student athletes making an impact on the sporting field this year.

Ms. Barrington continued her strong running into the 2001-2002 season. After winning the AUS title, Ms. Barrington earned the right to compete in the CIS championships on Nov. 10 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and ran to a sixth place finish in a time of 18:31, just 16 seconds behind the champion. For her efforts, she was named as a First Team All-Canadian.

Ms. Barrington is currently in her fourth year of the Kinesiology program.

Fifth year striker Sarah Arnott, capped off a great season with the Memorial Sea-Hawks women’s soccer team, by being named a Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) Team All-Canadian. For her solid play in the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Soccer Conference, Sarah was named an AUS first Team All-Star last week.

During the 2001-2002 season, Ms. Arnott scored six goals, putting her in a tie for second place in the AUS, to lead the Sea-Hawks in scoring. Ms. Arnott is completing a bachelor of science.

Third year sweeper Tevin Oliver-Job capped off a great season with the Memorial Sea-Hawks men’s soccer team, by being named a Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) Second Team All-Canadian. This marks the first time a Memorial men’s soccer player has received such an honour (according to the CIS Almanac). For his solid play in the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) soccer conference, Mr. Oliver-Job was named an AUS First Team All-Stars last week.

Mr. Oliver-Job is in his first year of studies in the School of Social Work, but only has two years of eligibility remaining.

Nanotechnology lecture
Dr. Dennis Salahub, director general, Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences National Research Council Canada (NRC), will present a lecture titled, Nanotechnology at NRC, in Canada and Around the World. Nanotechnology is the science of building materials and machines at a size that is 1/10,000 of the width of a human hair. Using nanotechnology, scientists can control individual molecules and build machines and materials one atom at a time. It will play a vital role in many areas, including health, computing science, energy, biotechnology, education, manufacturing and engineering.

Dr. Salahub will give a brief introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology, with examples from work at NRC to illustrate its enormous promise for the future. He will also present an overview of activities in Canada. The lecture will be given at a non- specialist level and will take place on Wed., Dec. 5, 2001 at 1 p.m., Room A-1043, Arts and Administration Building. Everyone welcome.

Exploring ethics in human research
The presidents of Canada’s three federal research funding agencies, Dr. Alan Bernstein of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Dr. Tom Brzustowski of NSERC and Dr. Marc Renaud of SSHRC, officially launched the Panel and Secretariat on Research Ethics, a pan-Canadian initiative, on Nov. 9 in Ottawa. The panel and secretariat are charged with promoting high ethical standards in Canadian research involving humans to ensure the protection of human participants.

“Today’s announcement builds on the foundation of research ethics that was put in place when our three organizations published the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans,” noted Drs. Bernstein, Brzustowski and Renaud. “The panel is the culmination of thorough planning and hard work, an excellent demonstration of inter-agency cooperation, and most importantly, a clear step forward in assuring that research in all fields involving human subjects is ethically sound.”

In 1998, the three federal research funding agencies issued the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS) to guide the Canadian research community and to establish standards with which research institutions would have to comply as a condition of their funding. With rapidly evolving advances in knowledge, research and technology, new and challenging ethical issues continue to arise. To ensure that these and future issues are dealt with in a fair and timely fashion and to contribute to an appropriate evolution of Canadian research ethics policies and practices, the three agencies are pleased to introduce the Panel and Secretariat on Research Ethics as the cornerstone of a new governance structure for the TCPS.