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Volume 34 Number 7

November 15, 2001

Spinning wheel

Dr. S. P. Reddy(L) demonstrates the principle of conservation of angular momentum.

Photo by David Sorensen

Dr. S. P. Reddy, professor emeritus, Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography, with the help of a visitor to the Faculty of Science Open House, demonstrates the principle of conservation of angular momentum. The student on the left was standing on a pedestal that can revolve but would remain facing in the same direction as long as the turning bicycle wheel remained vertical. When the wheel is tilted to the left or right, she would turn on the revolving stand. This is the principle on which a gyroscope (and gyrocompass) works. It’s also the principle that keeps you upright when riding a bike. Hundreds of students turned out for the annual Open House
Nov. 8.

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