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(November 15, 2001, Gazette)

And then there’s the NDP strain, also known as ‘my-head’s-stuck-in-the-sand-thrax.

— The Royal Canadian Air Farce’s Don Ferguson spoofing Gwynne Dyer (BA ’63), cataloguing lesser known forms of anthrax, on the Nov. 6 show

The Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir (NSYC), under the direction of past Alumna of the Year (2000), Susan Dyer Knight (B.Mus. ’83) placed third in the international Let the People Sing choral competition in London, England, earlier this month. The NSYC has also announced that Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson has agreed to be an official patron for the group.

Laurie Anne O’Brien (BN ’73) has been given the Canadian Palliative Care Association’s Award of Excellence. Ms. O’Brien is a palliative care nurse, leader and advocate from St. John’s. She was a co-founder of the first Newfoundland palliative care program, and co-founded the Newfoundland and Labrador Palliative Care Association.

[I was] raised on homemade bread and CODCO.

— Halifax-based filmmaker Deanne Foley (BA ’95), who’s latest project is a documentary in development for CTV, on her St. John’s upbringing, in The Telegram

Singer Julia Halfyard (B.Mus. ’98) is releasing her first CD, Meow. The 12-song disc includes a range of songs, from France’s Edith Piaf to Canadian poet Leonard Cohen to local composer Jed Blackmore. Julia’s sister and business advisor on the CD project, Maria (B.Sc. ’99) is working on her MBA at Memorial.

Two Memorial alumnae were among the award winners during the fall convocation at Mount Saint Vincent University. Gillian Batten (BA ’99) graduated with a bachelor of public relations with distinction and highest aggregate. She was also the ceremony’s valedictorian. Kelly Woodford (BA ’98), who earned her MA in school psychology, won one of two president’s prizes.

Open your eyes, ears and minds to what your students teach you. Try it - the reward will be unbelievable.

— Alumnus of the Year 2001 Noel Veitch’s (BA (Ed.) ’59) best advice to new teachers, as told to The Herald (Nov. 12)

Heather MacLellan (B.Sc. ’77), assistant deputy minister for culture and national heritage, has been appointed to a National Capital Commission (NCC) advisory committee. The NCC’s mission is to create pride and unity through Canada’s capital region. Some of their responsibilities include the Canada Day celebrations, the statue commemorations program, Winterlude and the Canada-World Pavilion.

Student Recruitment Officer Michelle Snow (BA ’96) has been awarded the Excellence in Youth Leadership award for her volunteer work on behalf of youth groups in the province. She was cited as “an enthusiastic mentor and role model for youth” in this province. Ms. Snow is chairperson of FINALY! (Futures in Newfoundland and Labrador’s Youth) and a member of the Premier’s Advisory Council on Social Development.