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(May 23, 2002, Gazette)

"How can a person trust his lawyer when he discovers that his lawyer is under a legal threat that he must report on his client’s suspicious transactions? What they’re saying is you must spy on your clients to the state. And if you don’t, you’re subject to tremendous fines and imprisonment…What government is trying to do is force us to report clients acting suspiciously; things that are suspicious are things not even proven. It’s abhorrent. And, frankly, I don’t know how this ever got through Parliament."

—John Crosbie (BA ’53 LLD’ 99) in support of an initiative by Canadian law societies to appeal to the Supreme Court an Act of Parliament, which imposes severe penalties on lawyers who fail to report “suspicious activity” of their clients—such as the cash purchase of real estate. Quoted from the Telegram.

"I’m not sure that it was ever intended that they would take on provincial issues because …the legislation makes very clear what their responsibilities are under the act, and it certainly spells out that they’re school specific."

—Education Minister Judy Foote (former director of University Relations for Memorial) commenting on the intention of the school council federation to lobby the provincial government for more funding to deal with what they see as a lack of resources. Reported in the Telegram.

"One of the girls talks about her grandfather’s experience in the Second World War ... Another boy told us about his grandfather who put rocks in his pocket so he could (meet the weight requirements to) enlist. We’re actually incorporating this oral tradition."

—Rosemary Webb (BA (Ed) ’75 M.Ed. ’79 ) a grade five teacher at St. Peter’s Elementary in Mount Pearl, describing content from a 30-minute video exploring Newfoundland history which her students are researching, writing and performing as part of the Arts Smarts Program funded by the J. W. McConnell Foundation and administered through the Arts Council of Newfoundland and Labrador.

"All (FPI is) basically saying is that they’d give us the commitment (that) the quotas were staying here. We’re looking for something that might be a little bit more legal and binding than just a letter saying quotas won’t leave the province."

—Provincial Fisheries Minister Gerry Reid (BA ’78, MA ’81, B.Ed. ‘82) responding in the House of Assembly to questions from NDP leader Jack Harris on why the government has not yet obtained a guarantee from FPI that fish harvested in the province would be processed here. Reported in the Telegram.

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