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(May 2 , 2002, Gazette)

Rothermere awarded to
economics student

Photo by David Sorensen
Lynn Gambin

Lynn Gambin is Memorial’s newest Rothermere Fellow. The MA student in economics will head to England in September for three years after receiving the prestigious fellowship. The Rothermere is considered one of the top two awards for students and has an annual value of £7,000, plus college fees and airfare, for three years.

Ms. Gambin will attend the University of York where she will concentrate on public policy in the health care field.

A native of Dunville, Placentia Bay, Ms. Gambin graduated in June 2001 with a B.Sc. in economics. As an undergrad, she focused on natural resources and public sector economics.

Ms. Gambin is no stranger to academic awards. The valedictorian of her high school, she received a Harris scholarship before entering Memorial, along with “four or five” other entrance scholarships, and received the university medal for economics upon graduation.

And while leaning towards MUN on the advice of family and friends, she said the scholarships and awards made the decision an easy one.

“I applied to other schools for my undergrad, but the financial offer was the biggest determinant in coming here. No one else offered me anything like that.”

Her route to economics was a little more haphazard. Ms. Gambin was an undeclared student in her third year and noticed that she hadn’t done any economics courses. She took two that semester and the rest is history.

She latched on to public policy because “it’s something I can see myself working in a few years from now.

“And it’s interesting from a conversation with people every day. It’s relevant.”

For now, Ms. Gambin is finishing her MA and looking forward to travel and study in the U.K. She’s particularly pleased to be able to study health in a system that is so much different than Canada’s.

The Rothermere fellowships, the gift of the first Chancellor of Memorial, were established to aid and encourage students who have taken their first degree at this university, to pursue their studies for the British higher degree at a university of their choice in the United Kingdom.