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(May 2, 2002, Gazette)

Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago
Off-campus summer courses offered
May 1972
— For the first time in the university's history, students will be able to enter summer session without having to spend six weeks on campus. Grand Falls and Corner Brook are selected to host summer sessions, and the administrative groundwork for the new centres is laid.

25 years ago
Six honorary degrees awarded
May 1977
— At this year's spring convocation, honorary degrees are awarded to six prominent men: Harold Berwick Goodridge, Newfoundland artist, retired educator and founder and one-time head of the Geography Department at Memorial; William Charles Winegard, chairman of the Ontario Council of University Affairs; Donald Olding Hebb, professor emeritus of psychology at McGill University; Ira Edwin Puddington, consultant to the Division of Chemistry, National Research Council of Canada; Arthur Reginald Scammell, Newfoundland author and poet; and Marsh Jeanneret, former director of the University of Toronto Press.

20 years ago
QE II Library officially opens
May 1982
— The new Queen Elizabeth II Library officially opens this month. A panel designed by Ian Stewart is unveiled, featuring the armorial bearings of H.M. The Queen, in right of Canada. On the bottom of the panel is Memorial's Coat of Arms.

15 years ago
New nursing director
May 1987
— At spring convocation, honorary degrees are awarded to: Ralph Douglas Moore, chief executive officer of the General Hospital Corporation; Agnes Cecilia O'Dea, Newfoundland's first professional librarian; Dr. Norah Christine Browne, a Newfoundland pediatrician and active community volunteer; Dr. Gordon Oliver Rothney, whose accomplishments at Memorial include the creation and organization of the Newfoundland Archives; and Dr. Herbert Norman Halpert, professor emeritus at Memorial since 1979 and founding head of the Department of Folklore.

10 years ago
Senate passes new regulations
May 1992
— Senate approves higher admission standards and stricter academic regulations to make Memorial's regulations more consistent with the standards of most other Canadian universities. The new minimum average in specified Level III subjects will be 70 per cent. Another significant change involves the extension of the deadline for dropping courses without academic penalty, as well as additional flexibility for dropping courses after the new deadline.

At Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, the first bachelor of fine arts degrees are conferred to students graduating from the college's fine arts program.

Five years ago
Grenfell Student Centre Annex opens
May 1997
— Students at Memorial's Corner Brook campus now have a place to call their own. Sir Wilfred Grenfell College's new Student Centre Annex officially opens this month. The new facility is the first tangible result of The Opportunity Fund, Memorial's $50 million fund-raising campaign.