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(March 7, 2002, Gazette)

"Engineering has traditionally been a career young men have chosen more than young women, but it’s a great choice for both sexes. If women don’t participate, society is losing out."

— Alumna Joanna Barnard (B.Eng. ‘87) is a director with WISE, Women in Science and Engineering, a non-profit group dedicated to increasing female participation of women in science, technology, math and engineering careers.

"Her skill in human resources (and) overall management experience, coupled with her deep knowledge of the region, will be invaluable to our firm as we increase our level of business in Newfoundland."

— Mark Surrette, president of the Robertson Surrette Group, was speaking about Jan Dicks (B.Comm. ‘97) during the announcement of the group’s new St. John’s office being led by Ms. Dicks.

"I enjoy teaching. I delight in the gratification of student success. I am not, however, Florence Nightingale. I am not a martyr for the cause of teaching nor am I interested in sub-rate pay and Third World working conditions."

— Jennifer Scurlock (B.Ed. ‘92, M.Ed. ‘95) is a high school teacher in St. John’s and recently wrote this as part of a forum for the Telegram.

"I can tell you that our strongest performance in the last few weeks has been directly related to our teams’ performance in the Olympics."

— Paul Thomey (BA ‘73) owner of That Pro Look in the Avalon Mall, speaking about the influx of business for double-gold souvenir items honouring Canada’s double golden teams. Go figure.

"The heart attack, the way it was written, was so sudden … I went to my doctor and I asked him if this is accurate and can I do this believably. He said, ‘Oh, yeah, the same thing happened to a friend of mine.’ He said it’s like a train hits you in the chest and that’s it, you’re gone. So that’s what I did in that scene."

— Brenda Devine (BA ‘70) played Jennie Andrews in the television series, Random Passage. The character died a sudden – and believable – death.

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