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(March 21, 2002, Gazette)

"Just before Christmas after a Van Morrison Concert, I went to have a Guinness at a small pub near the theatre with some friends, and sat at a table with Pierce Brosnan and his wife."

Geoff Chipman (BA ’90), xwave employee currently working in Dublin, Ireland, quoted in the Telegram, March 9. As a database administrator, Mr. Chipman and four other Newfoundlanders are working with the Irish Institutes of Technology (IIOT) to implement a student registration system similar to that used at Memorial.

"If teachers want public support during their spat with government, they’re going to have to come up with better excuses. There are rational arguments to defend what the NLTA is requesting. The NLTA just isn’t presenting them. Perhaps – like homework – the dog ate them."

— Brian Jones (B.Ed. ’95) editor of the Telegram’s Insight page.

"Unless decisive action is taken now, Newfoundland will have neither a forest nor a forest industry in the near future. The pulp and paper industry will not by able to maintain even a single mill unless the forest resource is there to support it."

— Leo White (D.Eng. ‘66, ME ‘78, BA’87).

Columnist and author Ed Smith (B.Ed. ‘78, M.Ed. ’81) has been awarded the Canadian Nurses’ Association Award for “excellence in radio” and an international Gabriel Award for material, which “uplifts and nourishes the human spirit.” Both awards recognize a series of short First Person Singular clips which Mr. Smith wrote and presented on CBC’s This Morning, based on his long recovery from an accident in 1998 which left him quadriplegic. Mr. Smith’s new book, From the Ashes of My Dreams, is due to be released in the spring of 2002.

"Ever wondered exactly how much ketchup is stuffed in those little packets restaurants provide?"

— John Gushue (BA ’89), Telegram computer columnist.

"The alumni are ambassadors for Memorial.
So far, approximately 50 have applied to be mentors, giving them a renewed enthusiasm for the university."

— Kelly Aspell (B.Comm. ‘00), Memorial’s mentoring co-ordinator, speaking about the tri-mentoring program, which is a pilot project of Memorial University that will help students with their transaction from high school to university and from university to professional careers.

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