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(July 25, 2002, Gazette)

" Asia provides such a radically different lifestyle, food, culture and set of attitudes that every day is a new experience. It is the only place that has managed to retain much of its original cultural character against the growth in American-European culture, so it presents a great learning experience for you if you are open-minded."

— Conrad Labonte (B.Eng. ’91) commenting in Frank Molloy’s column All Around the Circle on his experiences as director for the chief technology office of Nortel in Asia. The Telegram, July 13, 2002.

"Mary Williams is a fine example of what we’re all looking for in developing women leaders in science and engineering."

— Carolyn Emerson (M.Sc.’77) quoted in an article on the launch of the new142- page publication Becoming Leaders: A Handbook for Women in Science, Engineerings and Technology co-authored by Williams and Emerson. The Telegram, July 18,2002.

"It’s hard enough for tourists to get to Newfoundland… We have to be sure that we can deliver more than just spectacular scenery when they get here. We need attractions that are unique, stunning and just the thing that tourists will mention to others when they get home….Our advertising campaigns have shown that we can wave the flag with the best of them. However when it comes to putting a tourism business on the ground and keeping it running, I still have my doubts."

— Martha Muzychka (BA (Hons.) ’83, MA ‘94.’02) commenting in her column Social Notes on the development of the tourism industry in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Telegram, July 17, 02.

"Our pack was just amazing… and the way our guys were hitting. They threw everything at us and we were up in their face… that’s why they dropped a few balls…. Everybody, to a man, played outstanding… [and] the fans were unbelievable."

— Brian Cook (B.Sc.’00) team captain and fullback for The Rock, Newfoundland and Labrador’s Rugby Canada Super League team on their victory over the Toronto Renegades to capture the Eastern Division title and advance to the league championship game. The Telegram, July 14, 02.

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