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(January 24, 2002, Gazette)

Reviewing the orators
At a recent meeting, Senate approved changes to the procedures for the appointment of public orator and deputy public orator, which include a set of procedures for the review of the posts.

Both Professor Shane O’Dea, public orator, and Dr. Annette Staveley, deputy public orator, whose terms of office expire on March 31, 2002, have indicated that they wish to be considered for another term. In this regard, the committee on honorary degrees and ceremonial will conduct a review of the performance of Mr. O’Dea and Dr. Staveley and make recommendations to Senate on renewal for another term. The members of the committee who will be conducting the review are: President Axel Meisen, chair; Dr. Phyllis Artiss, English; Dr. John Ashton, Social Science, SWGC; Dr. James Barnes, Business Administration; Dr. Graham Bodwell, Chemistry; Dr. Sharon Buehler, Medicine; and Glenn Collins, secretary of Senate.

The committee invites members of the university community to provide a written submission on the performance of the public orator and/or deputy public orator. Comment may be made on any area of performance, including any areas that may need to be addressed in the next five years.

While written submissions including e-mail ( are preferable, the committee is willing, within the limits of time available, to meet with those who wish to make an oral presentation. Written submissions should be made to the secretary of Senate by Feb. 6 and must be signed or submitted by e-mail with the author clearly identified. All submissions (written and oral) will be considered by the committee in confidence. Individuals, committees, or groups who wish to make an oral presentation should contact Marion Gregory at 737-4448 or no later than Feb. 6, 2002.

News from grad studies
At its December meeting the Board of Regents approved the appointment of Dr. Chet Jablonski as interim dean of the School of Graduate Studies, and the appointment of Dr. Noreen Golfman as the acting associate dean of graduate studies, replacing Dr. Jablonski.

A search committee for a new dean of graduate studies has been struck by the vice-president (academic). The members of this committee are: Dr. Phyllis Artiss, English; Dr. Joseph Brown, Ocean Sciences Centre; Dr. Susan Hart, Business Administration; Dr. Sandra LeFort, Nursing; Dr. Walter Okshevsky, Education; and Dr. John Quaicoe, Engineering and Applied Science.

Family medicine forum set for March
The Discipline of Family Medicine Residents’ Forum 2002 will take place March 11 at the Fluvarium in Pippy Park, 5 Nagle’s Place. The forum will feature keynote speaker Dr. Marshall Godwin, research director for the Department of Family Medicine and director of the Centre for Studies in Primary Care at Queen’s University. There will also be oral and poster presentations by residents. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and the forum runs until 5 p.m.

For further information, please contact Bridget Ghaney, Discipline of Family Medicine at 777-6745 or e-mail

Web enhancements for library
Patrons of Memorial University libraries can now place a hold on any book, anywhere in the library system, that has a current status of CHECKEDOUT. Formerly, all holds were placed by circulation staff.

Placing a hold helps secure your access to an item by preventing the current user from renewing it, and eventually by issuing a recall notice for the item’s return. To place a hold on a CHECKEDOUT item, please use the “Request” button at the top of the Unicorn (the library’s online catalogue) view screen. Users inputting the “Request” command will be given the following two options: 1. INTERCAMPUS Loan - use this option to request a book that is currently in the BOOKSTACKS at another branch. 2. Place A HOLD - use this option to place a hold on a CHECKEDOUT book anywhere in the system.

Library users should remember to select a pick-up library. The user will not be able to place a hold on an item that is not checked out. For more information, go to

Go forth and protest
Across Canada, the Canadian Federation of Students has launched a campaign to demonstrate support for tuition fee freezes and reductions. As part of this campaign for accessible post-secondary education, thousands of students will be participating in a national day of action on Feb. 6.

In anticipation of that Day of Action, Memorial’s Senate has asked academic units and professors to be flexible in making alternate arrangements, including re-scheduling examinations and the deadlines for submission of assignments, for students who are absent from classes between 12-2 p.m. on Feb. 6 so that they may freely participate in the protest with no fear of academic repercussions.