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(January 10, 2002, Gazette)

DR. WILLIAM SCHIPPER, English, gave a paper titled Old Wine in New Bottles: Rabanus Maurus and his Sources, at a conference on cultural change held at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands from Nov. 14-16.

D. J. MACPHEE, Basic Medical Sciences, with H. Mostachfi, R. Han, S. J. Lye, M. Post, and I. Caniggia published an article titled Focal Adhesion Kinase Is a Key Mediator of Human Trophoblast Development, in Laboratory Investigations (81(11): 1469-1483).

D. J. MACPHEE, Basic Medical Sciences, with H. Y. Al-Matubsi, A. L. W. Eis, J. Brodt-Eppley, S. J. Lye, and L. Myatt, published an article Titled Expression and Localization of the Contractile Prostaglandin F Receptor in Pregnant Rat Myometrium in Late Gestation, Labour and Post-partum, in Biology of Reproduction (65: 1029-1037).