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(January 10, 2002, Gazette)

30 years ago
Biologists from meet at Memorial
January 1972
— An international advisory group conference attended by 11 scientists is held at the university this month to consider a collaborative project between MUN’s Centre for Environmental Biology and a French research group in West Africa. The local scientists plan to bring together large quantities of parasites of Newfoundland blackflies for transportation to West Africa for experiments against the blackfly that transmits the disease River Blindness.

25 years ago
Labour leader donates papers
January 1977
— The personal records of Walter Sparks, long-time labour leader in the province, are an important addition to Memorial’s archives. The gift includes all of Mr. Sparks’ personal papers and documents covering his years as an active member and organizer of the trade union movement in Newfoundland. He organized the Brotherhood of Railway clerks in the province in the 1930s and was one of the founders of the Newfoundland Trades and Labour Council, now the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour.

20 years ago
New library introduced
January 1982
— Instructional and orientation tours are held this month to introduce the new Queen Elizabeth II Library to faculty and students. The major part of the move from the Henrietta Harvey Library to the new library took place between semesters. Collections that had been stored in the building on O’Leary Avenue are placed on two top shelves, and the bottom shelves are from the main library; the collections will be interfiled as quickly as possible.

In other news, winter 1982 registration figures show an increase of 13 per cent from 1981 figures.

15 years ago
Enrolment up again
January 1987
— Preliminary figures show 11,743 undergraduate students at the St. Johns’ and Corner Brook campuses, up about 400 students from the year before.

A new degree program, the master of philosophy in humanities, is approved by Senate. Designed for students in any discipline, the program will begin in September 1986.

10 years ago
Researching infant vision
January 1992
— Drs. Russ Adams and Mary Courage of MUN’s Department of Psychology have spent the past eight years gathering data on how babies see. From colour vision in newborns to visual problems with Down syndrome children, the two psychologists have compiled a large body of data on vision in young children. They are now developing a new test for children with vision problems.

In other news, austerity measures taken last spring to counteract a funding shortfall of more than $7 million are successful. At the last Board of Regents meeting, the university was able to present a balanced budget for 1991-92.

Five years ago
Grads excel in national exams
January 1997
— Students in the Faculty of Business Administration frequently make headlines as a result of their success at national and international academic competitions. They also do well in exams — for the third time in four years, Newfoundland students who wrote the national chartered accountancy exams have achieved the highest pass rate in the country.